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Youtube censors those who have views that are not politally correct according to Google and YouTube. I've had an account with YouTube for the past 7 years or more! I've never had a problem commenting on YouTube videos until November of 2021. I noticed my comments weren't showing up on YouTube. I watched some videos on how to see your comments in the comment section of videos, but none of the solutions helped. Then I began noticing that my old comments from several years back had also been removed. I had some very good comments based on hours and hours of research and links to back then up, but because they weren't politically correct or geared towards a left leaning agenda, YouTube removed my comments! I also noticed several videos by Jeranism, Conspiracy Music Guru, and other flat earthers weren't showing up in my library of watched videos anymore. I also noticed videos about alternative history, conspiracy theories, and ghost sightings were no longer in the video feed. In fact I had to scroll through several pages to find these videos. When you do a search for flat earth videos all you get are videos of people mocking the theory. You literally have to scroll through hundreds of videos to find a youtube channel by Jeranism, or Conspiracy Music Guru. Sometimes while you're scrolling, YouTube will redirect you to the videos mocking the flat earth theory. Anything about conspiracy theories literally take at least an hour to find. Of course I'm blocked from adding comments and so I can no longer contribute my research and opinions to these YouTube videos in the comment section. Again I've had a Youtube account for 7 years and never experienced this kind of censorship. Do a search about flat earth theory, or government conspiracies and you'll see what I'm talking about. Youtube is purposely censoring videos and blocking comments from certain Youtubers! This is a violation of the 1st Amendment of the Constitution which Google YouTube doesn't care about because they are a left leaning company! Eventually they will be sued if they continue censoring videos and blocking comments!

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Jan 11, 2022 4:43 am

unbelievable.Im also completely censored.i cant comment anywhere andi dont even have a channel with videos these days.Im completely isolated and not able to react to anything at all.I never offend people.Im polite..I just have a different opinion wich in a democracy should be allowed if not youre completely dictatorial this is absolutely unbelievable.

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Jan 05, 2022 4:43 am

while i agree we should be allowed to voice our opinion. recent events have caused companies to remove content from their site that is miss information or questionable content that could possibly harm others. this isn't to remove anyone's right to voice their opinion but to combat information that both sides find questionable.

the flat earth as you mention has been for years fallen out of public eye due to new information that contradicts it being true. this is why you don't see them right away in searches. its not to say that its not possibly true but that evidence currently available says it is not.

the removal or retraction of content is more a miss information removal campaign to protect users and allow them to get information that has currently been proven true. if lets say over night it is proven and collaborated [proven by multiple people getting the same result from the same experiments] that the earth is not round then companies will push out this info as fact and relegate round earth to the background.

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