YouTubedeletion of youtube channel for no reason

N Aug 29, 2018 Review updated:

Channel was deleted for no reason around July-august 2018 near Alex jones deletion(mundane matt)??? no community complaints or copyright complaints, no warning, YouTube seems to have hacked my Gmail account. Messages from YouTube deleted by YouTube, cannot find URL, believe i was shadow banned for a long time, you have called me a criminal. I want to know why this channel was banned, account was branded without my permission and then deleted.. I believe this was intellectual property theft as this was a one of a kind channel natural wonders, the story of Jesus meeting his bride in heaven story of 4 years has been stolen by YouTube WITH slander and liable, theft of content, GIVE ME MY PRODUCT BACK STOP SLANDERING ME OR GIVE ME A REASON I AM A CRIMINAL. SPEAK UP ACCUSER! its been a month I have not heard why channel was deleted with no warning


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      Aug 29, 2018

    did you get the memo?
    anything conservative, Christian, pro gun or anything else the liberals dislike isn't allowed

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