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I was working full time for the YMCA about two years ago I was on a weekly basis told I had to many hours on a pay pieriod and was told to put the hours on the following week. I was just informed that they can't do that to avoid over time. On top of that after 9mos of work my child got ill and I had to take a few days off and was fired for that.

I'm currently working as a sub in our school dist and I haven't had one call to work sence reciving a misdaminor, I've worked in our district for over 15 yrs and suddenly They aren't calling and I was told it's because of this issue.



  • Ym
    YMCA vanderbilt Nov 09, 2010

    I was selected to work at the Vanderbilt location after applying for a position there (what a mistake). i worked there for about 5 days because i could not resist dealing with the favoritism and discrimination that was practiced by a boss named Pablo against certain member of the staff.
    The Y has their on rules and policies that you are suppose to follow of course went working like everywhere else, you need to be in the same page of the boss Pablo as he instructed me and you are not supposed to cross the line knowing more than what you suppose to know for a 5 day employment employee and that was exactly what made Pablo according to him disappointed with me, thing that i could not understand.
    What was Pablo hiding from me?Why is the reason of this emplyee behave? I don`t know but i tell you what.
    In my short period of time of employment there i found signs of discrimination there.
    In an state as New York where the population is formed by emigrants of more than 50 nationalities, 99 % of the staff employees there are all from Dominican Republic as this boss Pablo. What a coincidence don`t you think?
    How the Y allow things like this to happens when they claim to bring christian principles in to practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all and not only for some few.

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  • Ja
    Jasmine Henderson Mar 30, 2016

    I've been charged $29 four times during my short-lived, two-month membership. When I complained, I was brushed off by the workers and management (Melanie, Henry Lee). Even after cancelling my membership, was charged $29 by ACH YMCALA as shown on my bank statements. Would not recommend paying in any form aside from cash.

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  • Bo
    Bonitam Apr 25, 2016

    Horrible billing monthly rate was bumped up and instead of emailing or mailing me a notice to see if I want to keep my membership (before charging my account) they just bill my account double what my previous rate had been... so I went to the gym today to find there is almost $100 due on my account. So irritated... no letter, email, nothing... nice way to keep clients from returning. No way... poor service YMCA, Pierce county. Get your ### together.

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