YMCAlack of inclusion in summer camp

S Aug 11, 2018

The programs and counselors are amazing and deserve 5 stars. However, the program director does not. I spoke to Dallas in the spring and explained that my six-year-old daughter has moments of high emotion and might need extra support. I let him know I was available at a moments notice to give her my support if needed. After a lengthy conversation I was assured she would be welcome. She went for almost two weeks and loved it. Then one morning she had a meltdown because she was sad her friend was in a different group, and she needed extra emotional support from the counselors. I was called to come back, which I did immediately. When I arrived she was in the hallway talking to a counselor and looked like she'd been crying. I thanked the counselor and took my daughter to a room where there were art supplies so we could talk and draw while she worked through her feelings. Dallas came in and said that it had required several counselors to give her support and they didn't have the resources for that. Because of the previous conversation we'd had in the spring, I took it more as a complaint rather than she was being kicked out - my fault, I guess. When she calmed down and wanted to go back in, I took her back to where the kids were playing and she rejoined the program. As I was leaving I ran into Dallas and told him what was happening. At that point he said no, she needs to leave, we don't have the resources to support her. There was no kindness, no second chances. He just kicked a six-year-old out. I had to go get her and drag her out while she sobbed and asked why she wasn't allowed to stay. I wouldn't wish the heartbreak and rejection my daughter felt that day on anyone. I emailed Dallas to remind him of the conversation we'd had in the spring, and told him I was disappointed with the lack of care and kindness shown to my daughter. It's been almost a week and he's never responded. I pulled my older child from the camp, and I don't think we'll return. My son keeps asking why they let kids who bully and hit other children stay, but kicked out my daughter. I have no good answer.

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