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Hello, my name is Gregory Dahl, VP Cielito's Cleaning Service, Inc. located in Plantation. FL. Our company has used Yelp! for paid and non-paid subscriptions for at least 10 years. Fortunately, we survived the pandemic so there were periods of time when the company flourished, and we could afford expensive advertising.

A month ago, I decided to pay Yelp! again and was excited to obtain fresh commercial cleaning accounts! Today I experienced the loudest, rudest and disrespectful customer service representative of any company I have ever witnessed. His name was Sean and I called at 11:37 AM Pacific time on 10/25/23. He screamed at me because my blood was boiling regarding only having 3 Yelp! reviews being spotlighted with a 3.7 rating. We have 26 more 5-star ratings under non-recommended reviews. The problem is that Most prospects looking for the best cleaning service and stumble across our listing, see only 3 reviews with 1 fraudulent 1-star review from 10 years ago. This simply won’t be tolerated! If you are to look at the only 1-star review, it is obvious that it was done out of malicious intent. He says that I promised him that we would clean a condo in Key West, Florida which is a 5-hour drive from our office.

Our listing clearly indicates a 20-mile service radius. What Sean didn’t consider is that no human being should have to suffer and endure unprofessional SCREAMING, especially me with a Bi-Polar 1 and asthma disorder on government disability. I was so shaken that my wife took me to University Hospital (Pavilion) for a psychiatric evaluation. I will be cancelling my account as nobody in Yelp! customer service (14% customer service rating) cares.

Desired outcome: They are going out of business anyway!

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