YanwenI want to return some items but cannot find no information?

T Jul 15, 2019 Review updated:

I bought 3 items and want to return 2 but there was no paperwork in with the package I cannot find nothing online either, can someone please get in touch and advise me on how to return these items?

There is no company name on the packaging, this is very concerning.

I need to get a return form?????

my referenece is T-LV-OS YDH

My details are- Teri Gamble
12 oldfield rd coventry cv5 8ga


  • Ru
    ruth evans Aug 17, 2019

    Please can you tell me if you have had any luck in getting a refund from yanwen as ive got the same problem. I cant find anywhere to return them and they dont seem to have any contact details. Many thanks, Mrs R A Evans.

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  • No
    Nonhlanhla Sebitlo Jan 28, 2020

    @ruth evans Hello I have the same problem 1 item was sent twice & later another dress that I don't remember ordering. The size is also 2 big now I want to return the items no invoice received. What is surprising the Company I bought from advertise in US Dollars.
    I must admit their clothes are beautiful but something is not right. I suspect these Southall Company has saved my card & the things I browsed they sent them. Somebody help to trace Y&G F2P
    Unit 5 Trindent Way
    UB2 5LF

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  • Sh
    Shipscat1963 Aug 26, 2019

    I have had same problem. Looks like this company are scammers
    Paypal are not refunding my $98 piece of garbage I returned to them

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  • Sh
    Shipscat1963 Aug 26, 2019

    You gave the return address of yanwen f2p unit 5 trident way, southall ub2 5lf. Paypal are not refunding my $98 as they say this is a fake address. The package was signed by someone at that address. Please get in touch with me

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  • Me
    mellls Sep 16, 2019

    @Shipscat1963 Hey i'm looking to return my terrible item of shoddy hair straighteners that were not as advertised. I've been battling for the last 4 weeks to try and get a refund. I went through paypal who gave me the address of : Hay saada, rue imam jazuli 18 ahfir 63050 Morocco to resend the item which would cost me £45+ more than what I actually paid for of £38.99.
    However, I've just realised on the packaging there is an address of : Yanwen F2P, Unit 5 Trident Way, Southall UB2 5LF.

    Has anyone received a refund by returning their item to this address through paypal>?

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  • De
    dentacast Aug 27, 2019

    Likewise I have an item that needs returning, totally useless, with no paperwork or returns details, probably an expensive lesson

    J.W. Exeter

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  • Ro
    Rossiboy Sep 02, 2019

    I have 2 items to return as wrong sizing, paid £33 and now can’t get refund.
    Scams. Return address Yanwen F2P, unit 5 Trident Way, Southall, UB2 5LF

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  • Ma
    Maryam Rawdin Sep 15, 2019

    @Rossiboy Are you guys not buying from Ali Express? I have bought some items from Ali Express from this company. Some of the items came faulty and when i messaged the seller, they were very rude and told me that if i dont like the quality of their items, i should not buy from them anymore. I am lucky to buy from Ali Express because there you can open a dispute on the items you bought and are unhappy with and Ali Express will deal with it. I got my automatic refund for some items but I will have to return for free other damaged ones and the return address is the one you guys provided here, UB2 5LF. Wish me luck!

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  • Ne
    nero8888 Sep 08, 2019

    I got the address . Is in China

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  • Su
    Susie Watters Sep 12, 2019

    @nero8888 What is the address in China please

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  • Te
    teacaddy Nov 07, 2019

    The address is a Unit on an industrial estate in Southall, Greater London. It appears that companies giving this address are actually run from Honk Kong / China. Deliveries appear to be directly from manufacturers in China. The UK address gives buyers the impression they are buying goods stored in the UK.
    Look up the address on the Companies House website to see all the other companies registered at this address.

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  • Al
    Alba V Dec 30, 2019

    Just been scammed big time by SunOutdoor Co. Ltd, the other name for Y&G. I bought a revolving cushion for my disabled mother. It arrived, eventually and was totally unfit for purpose. I filed a complaint with Paypal, and got a response from Y&G that if I removed my complaint with Paypal, I would get a refund. No, not being bullied into stopping my dispute.
    Then Paypal found in my favour and I was offered a full refund. Great.
    I had to return the item. I was given a return Chinese address, in Chinese. After a lot of discussion with Paypal, I am offered a full refund but to return it I need to use a Paypal label which will cost me £15. As the item cost me £17, it isn't worth the hassle. I was also offered translation services for the Chinese address.
    Due to the fact the item took over a month to come, it is now more than 45 days since I bought it, so Paypal will not speak to me by telephone, and as there is already a dispute opened, I have reached a brick wall in my complaint.
    I have a British address which was printed on my original package but Paypal won't accept that as it is not the company's registered Paypal address. Judging by what I've read, and experienced this company has been working these scams for a long time. Why is Paypal not taking action?

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  • Er
    [email protected] Dec 31, 2019


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  • No
    NormFalmouth Jan 07, 2020

    I have similar problem. I bought a camera accessory (motorised slider) for $70 and a similar-looking but totally different item worth aroumnd $5 if that arrived today. The email address on PayPal order just bounces back. I will try and report to PayPal to help protect others but expect no redress.

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  • Mi
    Mimimim Feb 18, 2020

    I have the same problem, i purchased 2 Micro-wave oven covers, we all know how long these things take to arrive, when they arrived they were to large for my microwave, i wrote to them saying this, after a few days they replied saying they would give me a refund of 10 $, these cost me over £20.00 pounds so i said i wanted to return them. They said they would give me the address to send them back to, i replied that i would send them to the English address which was on the outside of the parcel, yes Y & G Trident way, i just looked up that address and it is an address that is for many many different companies. So yes i think we have all been scammed...

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