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L Aug 12, 2019

Company name: Yanwen
Address: 246 Haneul-Gil, Gangseg- Gu, Seoul Korea
Zip: 22381
Phone # 82-2-2662-8851

My name: Leor Ferguson
Address: 1306 Old Pond Dr.
Maron, Ohio 43302 U.S.A.

Ordered 2 watches for $109.95.

One was suppose to have been black and one red. I received two black.

The faces of the watch was way to large for me and my daughter's wrist.
It was very large like a mans watch.

I E- mailed he company the same day I received them. They wanted to know why I wanted to return them. I explained the same thing to them as I have explained to you. I asked where to ship them back to and how to rceive my money back. I paid them through Pay Pal and had recevied the money.

I have e-mailed hem three different times after that with no reply in four day.

I just want to return them and receive my money back.

Thank you for your help.

2 watches
2 watches

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