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P Aug 03, 2018

Hi Yamaha,

It was a bad idea to tell me that I bought the product that was bad for me. This bike has slipped three times, which caused me a lot of injury and the bike was broken.

These bikes were purchased in April. I loved this product, I loved Amry color so I booked the amry color bike and gave it 5000 rupees already, but the dealer later says that I do not have these bikes and now Yamaha stopped making the product. Can take another bike, I took Yamaha Night gray color bike

After a few days, I thought that the bike is sliding the right bike and I took it to Kangra Bali Yamaha's agency. It was served to me and I told them the problem of bike, they served the bike and I came back with my bike. But bike have same problem again.

And this again slipped on 2 June and broke. So I came with my bike in Yamaha's agency, DK Motor, Hoshiarpur for part repalement. When I got a bike, his reading meter was not working. The brake liver was like the underwear, but they did not do the right thing, the Bike have repair of that agency and part was change in the bill but some parts were not changed in real, so after finding damaged after that replaced.

Kangra went to the Yamaha Agency in after three days, they said the handle of the bike is pipe defective, but we had replaced bike handles pipe three days ago. And they also corrected the break liver. But the handle pipe was not okay and it is rolling again.

You tell me what to do now, if I took the product of Ima or made a mistake, or it was my misfortune that I had bought such a bike.

If you are driving Yamaha's bike and your way becomes an Accident then you will go to the nearest Yamaha service center. After that, if there is any problem then you should go to the same service center as the expert of Yamaha speaks then you How far away this center is from
Why do we want to get our customer to like a dog, why did we make a mistake by taking Yamaha bike

Bike Chassis Number is ME1RG4421J0130814
Bike engine No G3J3E0198433
Model No Yamaha FZS (TC-RG442)

Parveen Kumar
Mob [protected]

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