Yamaha Motor Corporation2019 yamaha vf175

J Jul 03, 2019

Had a 2019 Xpress 19' built with a 2019 Yamaha 175. Took possession in September/October 2018. Boat has spent more time in the shop than on the water because of the motor. Yamaha has spent over $10, 000 in repairs to keep the motor going, figure by now they would just replace it, but they have not. We have asked to have the warranty extended, figured Yamaha would do this to show good faith to their customer, and we get nothing. No return calls, no emails, no letters. I call and call and receive the same response "Chris has to contact the dealer and speak with them and he will call you back", that has not happened. This has been ongoing for over 2 months now. What will it hurt extending the warranty 3 additional years? Stand behind what you built and show your customers that you understand this motor has had issues and do what you can to swap it out or extended the warranty 3 years.

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