Xerox Corporationterrible management

D Aug 02, 2018

I do not normally complain but this issue is driving me mad, being a manager I just do not understand the mind set and how the problem still persists!!!

Lets talk Doughnuts from Morrsions at Dorcan house Swindon.
First of all I want you to know I love your doughnuts, my staff love them and the company I work for I know many people love them too.
Perfect treats for Birthdays or just that pick me up you need.

A few weeks ago there was never any doughnuts there, after a couple fo weeks I asked memeber of staff why not selling them any more even though space on shelf. I was told and I kid you not, "only 1 person can use the fryer to cook them and he is off sick for weeks and soon he is also on a 2 week holiday" yes you heard that right only 1 person can cook the doughnuts. So for about 6/8 weeks there was no doughnuts being sold at the store.
Surely you would train more people up!!!???!!!

Then thank fully all returned back to normal, apart from today.
I drove past this very large banner on outside fence showing me your fresh doughnuts for only 50p! I go in the store and there is none. Purely out of interest I asked a bakery member of staff where are the doughnuts and do you know what the response was? "sorry not enough staff to make them today" I just laughed and walked away.

Bakery and Store manager seriously need to address this issue. 16 billion pound turnover company who relies on one member of staff to fry doughnuts with no cover, it is ridiculous. What ever happened to team work and staff members covering each others jobs.

Interested in seeing response, there may be a good reason that I can not think of, I doubt it though.

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