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Our power was shut off on thursday the 26th of september(we were behind but had just made a huge payment 2 weeks prior). We paid the outstanding on the 27th of september. The supervisor we asked to talk to on the 26th finally calls us on the 31st(still no power). He credited our disconnect/reconnect fee which is great but when he put the new order in it put us back at the bottom of the list cause oldest orders first. So here it is the first of october and I have spent 300 dollars alone in just the gas for a generator not to mention all the food i had to throw away and the food i had to buy from restaurants to give my kids a warm meal. How much longer will it take. If we had to wait five days for power before he put the order in how long do we have to wait now. Mind you my bill has been paid for 6 days. Funny how you guys can turn it off but cant figure out how to turn it on.

Oct 01, 2019

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