Wyndham Rewardsyour reward are ripping people off why?

I am angry okay I have been going to be saying that I am upset on how you collect
points for one thing I have contacted the motel I stay at and the said it is only 1, 500
points to use and I contact the 1-866 number and they say 15, 000 no! who is ripping who off you are ripping the customers that are trying to redeem points after the gained quite a few like have been doing now I would like to know, why you have the nerve to charge me that amount when I call to make reservations with my points. I am concerned that you are ripping me off. I pay cash to collect points thinking I can use them later on only to find out you are charging me more to stay for free. Why? I live in Canada not the USA . I think the points should be way cheaper I have talked to other motels they said the same thing 1, 500

Oct 02, 2019

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