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Cancellation of my itinerary - TWBR-F81159 — Cancel & Refund - No response

I Have been calling for last one week and trying to catch you over the mail regarding my flight ticket cancellation due to corono outbreak. But i didn't get any response from your end. In the portal you guys mentioned 24X7. But during all the day & night even weekend also your CUG is completely busy. Even callback also not available. I'm completely frustrated of keep calling you. Provide me valid contact details or do the cancellation & refund for me .

Ticket going to Philippines

I kept calling for almost 4days and no one is picking up my straight answer even from flight will be on march 14, 2020 and i dont know what to do..if no refund atleast i can do the rebooking of my ticket

Ticket going to Philippines

Not sending me the rules of the tickets-just found out the ticket is nonrefundable

I have booked a ticket fro Athens to Dubai paid 3.376 AED for two people. I spoke with he customer service this morning to request a cancellation. I know that there are cancellation fees, but I just found out that the ticket is non refundable at all. When they confirmed the booking they send me only a page of the ticket. No rules were sent, regarding changes or cancellation issues.
Not very clear to me.

Refund not received, scam business

I made ticket reservation with tavelwings, online travel agency, and I was charged SAR 7882 for six tickets. The travel dates have been changed. So, I contacted the agency by...