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This is my 7th complaint, all falling on stone ears, deaf and just as hard. You people really don't give a damn if a BIG company cheats kids, LITTLE CHILDREN. They have no voice in this dirty business, just tears and confusion. My niece is now afraid her pets will die as she is often unable to log on.This is two birthadats that they have not sent her a TOKEN for her pets birthdays. I have taken a picture of those words from the Webkinz Giude "bible " to all webkinz. If you have a question, they tell you"REFER TO THE WEBKINZ GUIDE>IT HAS ALLL THE ANSWERS YOU SHOULD NEED". Thats hiarious.Tell my niece why she can't finish Quizzys Coerner. I'll bet noone of any say so has even enquired, and all of th4e things that have mysyteriously dissapeared from her dock. Is this a legitamate business or a dog and pony show.I expected that some one would come down from "MOUNT OLYIMPUS" and check on us feeble motrtals.Well I haven"t seen any lightning bolts or e=mails to probe the situation, I will keep you abreast of their future broken promises. G.J.D.


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    straity Aug 26, 2015

    webkiz developers don't give a dam. they installed a new release which deactived most of the high price animated things purchased from the estore.

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