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A total of 69.99 was fraudulently charged to my credit card. There is no phone number or address to contact them. I want my money back and I am retaining a lawyer to pursue this matter. It is obvious that this is an ongoing problem and a scam. It has to be stopped.


  • Er
    erivera Jun 03, 2009

    just got home from work just now and i came on to check my bank accounts and i see that im missing 59.98 from my checkings how can i contact these people? because to get my money back i dont know how they got my card number. im goin to have to call my bank to see what the hecks goin on but i would be greatful if someone could let me know what more i could do to get the money they're taking from me/

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  • Je
    Jeanne M Jul 01, 2009

    I was just called by City Bank, my credit care was charged over 600.00 to Digital River, and I have no idea what the charge was for! I have paid for a software purchase in the past thru this company, but have not made any purchase from them this year, and certainly not for 600.00+!!! I certainly hope that this was a billing error, because this is not pocket change here! Thank God for City Bank! They are so good at spotting fraud.

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  • Jo
    john hiser Jul 04, 2009

    i checked my account, and you have fraudly charged my for 44.98. refund the money to my account

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  • St
    stressedsinglemother Jul 09, 2009

    i just checked my account and noticed that 74.99 was deducted out of my account. i have no idea who this company is and im very pissed off because i dont have any money to be throwing away or stolen from me. i have 3 kids to take care of and whoever you are you need to be prosecuted for fraudulence. this is ridicuolous. get off your lazy ### and go to work and make your own money. stop stealing.

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  • Er
    ericbees Jul 19, 2009

    Digital River charged my credit card 43.00 and I never purchased anything from them. I emailed them and complained and demanded my money back and I got an automated enail in return. I contacted my bank and cancelled my card so they cant do it again and I have to submit a letter to my card issuer so they can pursue the matter and try to retrieve my stolen money. How can this happen? They're stealing right in front of the whole world and saying, screw you! If I did this, I'd be locked up long before I got away with what they're getting away with. I don't get it. Who's in charge here?

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  • Ar
    ARRESIDENT Jul 23, 2009

    My husband was charged just yesterday 7/22/09 from Digital River. One charge made @12:10 and another @ 12:12 for 81.92 each. I called 952-253-8395 (Digital River) and spoke with Customer Service . She requested our account # which I would not give and ask her to please look up any charges under my husbands name. She wanted to know the amount of charges and when they were made. She was able to pull up charges made under my husbands name but the charges were made from Great Britian. Someone had tried to charge Kaspersky Internet Security Software.It was explained by her that they have a few check points when someone tries to charge something and the one check point in our case was that we didn't live in Great Britian so that for one flew up a red flag. In checking a few more things they recognized this was a fradulent charge and did not process. Some one had stolen his CC #'s.
    We were very fortunate this was caught in time.

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  • Df
    D Fresh Aug 19, 2009

    Seems like I got the worst, I was charged 1002.99, plus 4 other charges ranging from 20-45 dollars. Im now broke for 10 days until PNC Bank gives me my money back. At least my bank is helping me out. These were all from DR. i contacted them, and faxed them a bank statement. Good luck to everyone, and wish me luck.

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  • Ho
    Howwood Sep 20, 2009

    Digital River have taken over £300 from my account in three transaction which correspond to three failed attempts to download an activation key. They don't answer letters and I can't get hold of their phone number, my next option is the courts. Just to let people know the UK branch is just as corrupt!

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  • Aj
    ajp59 Sep 24, 2009

    We got a call yesterday from our bank stating an unusal transaction. We found Digital River had stolen $394 from our account. Now everything is upside down. I think I should state here and now we have NEVER had any dealings with this DRI. Thanks DRI for screwing us! This company needs to be shutdown and prosecuted to the full extent of all laws. I am starting to think it's time to go back off the grid. The heck with the banks and all the hoopla just use a check cashing place and deal with cash and postal money orders only. Why is it that if a private person steals a dollar, and gets caught, they go to jail. However, when a company steals millions, the powers that be looks the other way.

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  • Le
    Lemmotlow7 Oct 01, 2009

    I turned my computer on last Sunday the 27th and an order confirmation from Digital River for a program called Internet Washer at a cost of $79.95 had been approved for my purchase and charged to my charge card. The thing was the order date was for that same day and I had just turned on the computer. How they got my credit card numbers I don't know but intend to find out. They had wrong listings for address and city. Called the fraud department of my credit card. They are going to cancel my card and issue another to me with the same line. Was advised by the department to call the police and report Digital River but I think I'll take it a step further and go to the Better Business Bureau also.

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  • Kr
    Kristopher Reed Oct 23, 2009

    Pardon me if I am being naive, but I don't think DigitalRiver has much blame beyond perhaps a lack of rigor in validating the authenticity of purchases, though I doubt that that the perform any less than any other online retailer. The only difference is that their products are virtual, and thus won't have a shipping address associated with it (since the product can be downloaded). This makes them a particular target for crooks who have stolen your credit card numbers.

    Also, from a tech-support perspective, they likely don't make customer support numbers easily available on their website to motivate customers to attempt to work through their problems with the online resources before contacting them. If you really want their number, just google map digital river and call one of their local offices.

    In summary: it isn't digitalriver's fault (as far as I can tell). Their product delivery mechanism simply makes them a target of crooks who have stolen your account information. They were friendly enough when I called them. I had a $194 charge on my credit card, plus a number of other attempted charges, which my credit card company flagged and put a stop to (I am rather happy with bank of america).

    Anyone who was fraudulently charged through digitalriver should recognize that someone stole their account information. They should contact their credit card company, refute the charges, and have their account changed (since someone obviously has their account information). They should also contact digitalriver customer support (see elsewhere in my email to find out how!) and fax a copy of the fraudulent charges to their fraud fax number (your bank can likely do this).

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  • Ca
    CaptainRich1979 Feb 23, 2010

    I have paid for an "updated" Microsoft Office 2007 program, $100! After my trial expired the purchased item from Digital River DID NOT WORK... Go figure. I tried to contact Microsoft and run my license code through their system and it was not a recognized license code! Has anyone else had this problem within the past 3 months? What is the definition of "Fraud" again?

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  • Iv
    Ivan1. Mar 14, 2010

    I live in Australia and had lost complaint with my WP bank regarding DRI*InternetWasher 800-680-6965 charge to my credit master card for aleged purchase of this software on 11/03/08 at the tune of USA 79.95 all doe I never purchased this software. Not sure how this charge was made and it simes to be reocuring every year which fact slipped my attention. Be aware in deed. I paid the bill and will be discontinnuing my business with this bank.

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