Home Credit Cards Western Union is carding legit? are platforms cardingmafia, cardingteam. cc, wuservers. ru, cardingforums. ws, verifiedcarder. ws scammer or real or legit?

Western Union review: is carding legit? are platforms cardingmafia, cardingteam. cc, wuservers. ru, cardingforums. ws, verifiedcarder. ws scammer or real or legit?

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Is Carding Legit? Are Platforms Cardingmafia,,,, Scammer or Real or Legit?
My Story of Financial Growth
Bank transfer, Western union transfer scam or real

I had very tough times in my life, So, I want to become a millionaire by 30. I was looking for the Bank Transfer, WU transfers and Cards and got scammed they took my money and didn't delivered anything:
Carding mafia's owner is the biggest thug ever one could find on web.he has a complete setup to trap people who come for stuff on his site.please do not trust this guy he is totally fake once he receives your money he blocks you right after that from his site and also he doesn't talk a single word once money is delivered to his account on perfect money and bitcoins.just stay away from this [censored]!
Carding Mafia is a ripper is a ripper is a scammer, not real hacker is a ripper is Scam is Scammer

I make this post to point out and report all the rippers and scammers who show themselves as a WU, Bank, Paypal transfer or CC or Dumps seller and then rip to buyers .
If anybody got ripped by any ripper and scammer than must post his name and info here to inform all innocent buyers.
I'm posting here some forums which are totally scam and [censored] and ripping even for a single penny.
I was interested to find a real hackers. In my research lots and lots of scammers in the world..Every real hacker doesn't has a problem with it, only fakers, rippers or scammers pray for money! … (Unfortunately I learned in the hard way)
Finally, I have found a real hackers from I mailed to
I'm happy to found them. Thanks a lot to Cyberfoxes Hackers team. I'm getting rich because of you..
Cyberfoxes is One and Only Real Hackers in the world.Cyberfoxes is real and Cyberfoxes community hackers is legit.This is my experience brother and sisters please don't lose your money to rippers and scammers.
I'm not quite a millionaire now, but very close, and in my 30's in the UK.
Actually, if I sold up and put everything into dollars, even at today's exchange rate, I would be a US millionaire.
I'm very, very risk averse, so I don't invest in the stock market at all. I probably should, but I hate the potential idea of losing money I've worked for.
My key points were:
Buy a house as soon as you can. In the last year, I "made" £40k in in house price increases. It's not liquid, but you can sell it one day and downsize/move away.
Keep a budget, and save everything you don't spend. Know where your money is going, and make sure you're getting the best deal on everything, then when you get paid, put all extra into savings. You'd be amazed how quickly it builds up.
Get a good job, and marry someone who also has a good job. Two salaries are of course twice as good as one.
I chose not to have kids — they're a real money drain. You choices may vary.
Take advantage of workplace pension, and put in as much as you can to get your employers highest match. (they pay in a lot more than you)
Take cheap holidays, if you take them. Never buy a brand new car. Balance everything you buy against its expense, and how long it will last you.
I think that's all my pearls of wisdom. Good luck!


Stop doing [censored]... If a person comes to you for WU transfer or such thing, it shows how they desperately need money. So you are using their desperation to scam them. Stop doing this kind of [censored] because GOD punishes you one day for good.

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Jun 17, 2022 3:40 am EDT

This guy is scammed me he had verified vendor this site all fake

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Dec 16, 2019 9:16 pm EST

we're the real deal

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Dec 16, 2019 9:12 pm EST


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Dec 16, 2019 9:08 pm EST

Unanimously Agreed Upon.
On behalf of the public out cry from entering apprentices, The Dark Alliance has taken the initiative to answer to the call. As a Kraken it is my duty to conduct hard penetrating test after scripters review there programming.
Long story. This is a well organized group, backed by some of the biggest developers nd coders on hand.
Upon the second buy, all of which was recorded. I caught the switch, upon switching accounts through the adminstrative hosting log, the ripper/admin updated his user profiles. The ADMIN, THE ADVANCED VENDORS, THE SELLERS, THE NEWBIES AND EVEN THE TONY BOT THAT INTRODUCES rTHE SYSTEM GENERATED NEWBIES IS ALL ONE IN THE SAME.
In light of this i will allow our documents to stand ground,
Our investigation is complete, and our next course of action is HARD REMOVAL.
any questions comments or concerns
pls feel free. supportors are welcomed as well as members. Forward March.
Be advise these operators are professional theyve has been established since 2007, we've estimated that they rip a min of 40k a day. They are the major operators of 90% of the surface web carding forums. And are very capable call them what you want. They are abundantly financed, their coders are top tier. Just this week the Alliance forced closed their hosting site... from the hosting company .3 days it's was fully operational with upgrades, including hijacker browsers.
the dark alliance does not file complaints. we answer them.

have a issue. need solving contact us

video and photos available.

The Kraken

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Oct 28, 2019 12:19 pm EDT

I do WU transfers round the globe be it EUROPE, USA, ASIA, AFRICA, AUSTRALIA and more, I have been into WU transfers for a long time now and keep pulling through with customers.
The following Receiver info will be needed to process all WU Transfers. First Name * Last Name * City * Country. Kindly contact us for clarification in case of any doubts.
I'm a vendor on the Empire Market

*Check me out*

Empire market link👇
(If link not working check for working link)

Empire market product link👇

Empire market profile link👇

Contact me directly @👇👇



ICQ: airblender


Please before you contact me 🙏🙏 check out my profile on the market.
Don't hit me up asking "are you legit" because I won't reply.
Feel free to deal with me using Escrow.

NB: I gladly accept escrow but only on the market because sadly the internet is full of cheap criminals. So if you want Escrow deals, make an order through the market and you'll be sure your money is safe.

Oct 20, 2019 10:10 pm EDT

carding group are all scammers. Everything there is fake including the comments and testimonies, they are all rippers. I sent 500 dollars worth of BTC to escrow service and they just took over my account and submitted testimonies. all of them. But the only way to get those goodies (cc and hacked balances) is via the popular blackmarkets on the darknet and from high ranking vendors.
The guy making me rich now is savastanos from Empire market and he's ranked pretty high. And take me ( a scam victim's) word for it, he's straight up delivering. His email is Contact him for honest deals.

Oct 01, 2019 12:44 am EDT
can you please reply me

Sep 26, 2019 2:37 am EDT is a scam site also. The above is a fake ad from those scammers.


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