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dirty hoodie they will not replace

Epic Sports, Inc.
9750 E 53rd St N
Bel Aire, KS 67226

Purchased a hoodie on 11/6/2019, it was delivered on 11/14/2019. I came dirty with black spots on it. I called the Epic sports customer service line and all Jordan and Case could tell me is that I should put it through the washer. I did try to wipe it before I called and it didn't work. They would not issue a replacement for my item. Please think twice before purchasing from the company with no customer service. Se attached photos of hoodie they 1st stated they couldn't see any spots and then re-tracked with it you need to just wash it.
Order# 4466251

dirty hoodie they will not replace
dirty hoodie they will not replace
dirty hoodie they will not replace
dirty hoodie they will not replace
dirty hoodie they will not replace

order cancellation, and shipped it anyway!

Ordered some shirts on 9/18/19. Got an urgent email to respond it was on hold bc the shirts were on backorder. We emailed back and canceled the order. They ended up shipping the...

customer service

I ordered dimple balls for the softball season. After discovering it would be almost 30 days before I would receive the order I advised the agent I wanted to cancel my order. She told that wouldn't be a problem but I would be charged a restocking fee and my shipping charges wouldn't be refunded. Ridiculous, it was over 4 weeks from shipping and I'm being charged restocking and shipping, nothing had yet happened with my order. Bad customer service, I will no longer be a repeat customer.

awful customer service & incorrect online sizing charts

Terrible customer service. Website sizing charts do not match actual garment sizes. Unwilling to accept responsibility for misinformation and/or errors. Small savings on cost of...

christmas gift

I ordered a Christmas gift for my daughter 3 weeks ago. My email said should arrive by 12/21. Well today is 12/20 and I have never received an email with a tracking number that it has shipped. So I emailed them this morning. This afternoon I got a call that the item is on back order and has been for some time. I'm guessing if I had not emailed them I would have never known and would be waiting until who knows when for my package to arrive. If it's been on back order how did they expect to get it to me by tomorrow??? The rude lady I spoke with said it wasn't their problem it was their manufacturers who just informed them today of the backorder. Seriously??? So they left me in a bind with 5 days until Christmas to locate the impossible. I asked for a refund and will never bother ordering from them again. Terrible incompetent company!!! I'm beyond irritated. There's no excuse for how they handled my order, which if their website was up to date would have never been placed to begin with. No apologies either! I wish I had read all their negative reviews online before I ordered. Please save yourself the run around and skip their site...DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!

customer service

Customer service is AWFUL!
"Made a purchase for our school. The item was a closeout, so was not returnable. However, the item was far different than pictured. When I called to talk, the service rep was short with me. I asked to speak to someone in charge, and before he put me on hold, he said he'd transfer me but it wouldn't make any difference. Then I was left on hold for about 20 minutes. I finally hung up, and am now writing this review."

*heavy restocking fees... 50%* beware

**HEAVY RESTOCKING FEES ON MISREPRESENTED ITEM SIZES*** Rawlings 12.5" Softball Glove actually a 11.75" Rawlings Baseball Glove. Could not get my hand in it. Subjected me to 30%...

customer support

Some of the worst customer support, plain and simple. I have had 2 or 3 issues relative to shipping and/or communication which then led me to have to deal with their them one-on-one which is not pleasant. They are a "we are always right" group of people. They treat customers like they are doing them a favor.

The most recent issue: Ordered team uniform items which had an ETA date, allowing enough time for printing. They held up in-stock products on an order because of other products on the same order that were on back-order, even though they had them for sale as "in stock" on website.

The products they held up were critical by a specific date. Per the Epic Sports customer service person "We won't split shipments from the warehouse, it's a rule" so when I told them that was not acceptable because the items they held and would be delayed for over a week were crucial for a team, the response was "That's our rule, we won't pay to ship things twice to you". I demanded where that was written, to wit she could not produce and transferred me to Cody, the manager who in his condescending way talked "at me" about how they have so many rules they can't list them all.

When I tried to interrupt him to say that they should simply communicate to the customer if they are holding items back so that a customer could then make the decision to buy them elsewhere, he HUNG UP ON ME. Yup, didn't want to hear about how they are poor communicators and as soon as I said that -CLICK-

So not only are they rude, un-supportive and condescending, they don't want to hear a solution to help customers and when pointed out that they were wrong, they hang up on you.

This is not the first time I have pointed out their lapses in support and communication. If you read through reviews, positive reviews are about (other company's) products and receiving things in a timely fashion. But when you delve into the negative you will see very common threads - shipping, customer support & communication. As long as you have an order that is actually in stock and ships on time, you won't have to get into their "back of house". But buyer beware, once you do, you are rolling the dice.

They are refusing my business now because I am not the type of customer to be pushed around and if the arrival date for items on my order changes, I believe I have right to be told. Plain and simple.

mislabeled jerseys

Stay far away!!! After sizing my entire team with samples I ordered a combination of small, medium, and large jerseys. I received the order and the jerseys were printed with name, number ad logo and were distributed to the team. I then found out that the mediums did not fit like the sample. I obtained the jerseys back from the team and matched up smalls and mediums. It turns out that the small was the exact same size as the medium. I called customer service and Racheal explained that the sizing chart indicates that a small is anywhere from 33-35 and a medium is anywhere from 35-37. I sent pictures showing that the small and medium jerseys both measured at 34.5. Rachael then got back to me and said that because the jerseys were customized that she would not return or credit the cost of the medium jerseys. She indicated that it is my responsibility to check to make sure the jerseys are not mislabeled prior to printing. I really don't understand how a company can ship the same measurement shirts and label them both small and medium and then claim it is the customers responsibility to make sure they are not mislabeled. I would stay far away from EPIC when considering ordering team apparel.

horrible policies and customer service

I ordered two exercise balls to use as chairs for a new office. They arrived without the plugs to keep the air in. Bryant from Customer Service said I could return them, at my cost of $23.00 Don't buy from them! Buy from someone who will accept returns when they send you something that doesn't work. That's what I get for trying to save a few dollars.

horrible customer service

Ordered baseball pants. Shipping was fast, but expensive. One pair was dirty upon arrival. Called Epic sports and heard a message that the wait was about 45 minutes and I could leave a message and get a call back without losing my place in line. No call back, even the next day. Emailed and the response was send a picture and did I wash them? I sent pictures and replied that new items should not need to be washed! I will buy used items if I want to wash them first. No response after 3 business days and a weekend.
The price of the pants was good, but this company clearly doesn't care if customers are served or not. I would not recommend this company.

where is my order?

They extremely disappointed me.
You know if there was an opportunity to rate, I would give them a million of zeroes for being jerks.
I have been waiting for my order since October. Time flies, nothing changes. Customer service is verrry unresponsive. Maybe if they had answered more often, the issue would have been resolved a long time ago. But miracles are impossible in that case and I have to wait for nothing realizing I paid for the air.


If I could give them a rating, I would give 0!
If you don't know how to treat your customers, then why are you still operating? Customers are everything for companies that sell something, and yours is not an exclusion.
I have read so many bad reviews and it seems like you don't improve anything at all, so my review won't be the first and won't be the last one, and what's the most important is that it doesn't make sense because you won't do anything about it anyway...

return policy

What kind of company shows a picture of a product that is not accurate, ships that product to the customer stained and dirty, makes the customer wait on hold for 20 minutes to get a return authorization number, instead of just giving the return information they keep trying to get you to place a new order, charges a restocking fee if you don't place a new order, won't pay for the return shipping and tells the customer to wash the item before returning it, which VIOLATES THEIR OWN ONLINE RETURN POLICY THAT CLEARLY SAYS ITEMS THAT ARE WASHED OR WORN CANNOT BE RETURNED !!! A bad company, that's what kind.

my order never arrived

I ordered several items in the beginning of August and never received them. How can this be explained? Your customer service provides zero information about it and I have no idea what to do.
My order number: 2915467.
Yesterday I got an email from you asking me to rate the order and to prove I received it. Is it a joke? You won't get any positive waves from me if I don't get my stuff.

Epicsports.comepicsports website

I made an order and purchased two t-shirts and a pair of pants from Epicsports. My order status showed that my order was in process and that status did not change. Three weeks passed and it was still showing "in process". When I contacted Epicsports and they did not reply and that moment I felt that there was something wrong about this site and only then I decided to read about them. That was my biggest mistake, but I learned a lesson. After my bad experience with Epicsports I always read the reviews first.
Anyway, after my research I tried to contacted them many times and asked for a refund but there was no reply. Do not waste your money here, this company is not to be trusted!

EpicSportsI do not recommend epicsports!

I've purchased several caps from and when my order finally arrived I find out that two caps were missing. I immediately contacted customer care team and told them about what happened. Later they said that there was nothing they could do and that the only way to get the two missing caps were to place a new order. I refused to do that. I've already paid for all the caps so why on earth I had to pay again! I demanded a refund but they said they don't do refunds.
No matter how many times I contacted them I always heard one and the same thing. These guys disappointed me a lot and I will never buy anything from them again! I do not recommend EpicSports!


Called custome service to modify or cancel order 45 :-) minutes after placing it. I was told that it was to late the order was already being processed. After explaining that I did...

EpicSportsthis company is not to be trusted!!

I am a school trainer and I have ordered hats from for our school team.
I received my order on the estimated date but when I opened the package I noticed that half of my order was missing.
Contacted EpicSports right away and demanded a full refund. They claimed that all the hats were delivered and what I said was a lie.
They refused to refund me and did not send me the remaining half.
This company is not to be trusted!!

Epicsports.comnever buy from epicsports!

I have ordered something from as a present for my son and they sent me the wrong item, so I contacted customer service and asked for a replacement and they agreed. They said that I'll get the right item within few weeks but it actually took them over two months to deliver!
All that time I was trying to get some information about my order, but customer service was absolutely useless and could not even tell where my order was!
Terrible experience, will never order anything from EpicSports again!

customer service

I ordered jerseys and shorts. I ordered the same brand and the same color. They came in two different colors. I explained their mistake and they told me to to return them. Even...

Epicsports.comthe return of the item which I ordered has proved to be very difficult

The return of the item which I ordered has proved to be very difficult. First, it is really difficult to see what you are getting and understand what you are getting. My son wanted a product and from what I could see it would be what he wanted. However, when I got the shipment, it is only a partial product. I called to return and found out about the restocking fee and also that we pay to ship both ways. I would steer clear of this site. Also, service was rude when trying to get a return label. Stated that the policy for restocking is in plain site hidden the the FAQ's. — I fell into the same trap as the other reviewers

"Do Not buy from this company! I fell into the same trap as the other reviewers here following a bizrate reviews are a scam This has to be the worst company I’ve ever dealt...

Epicsports.comI would never order from these people again

On July 22, I ordered a set of collegiate scrubs. My credit card was charged at that time. The invoice I received in my email stated I should receive my order by July 30. was provided a link to check on the status of my order. On August 6, the order was still listed as "In Progress". I phoned customer service and was asked to hold while they checked with the manufacturer to see what the problem was. The customer service rep, who I must say was very nice, stated he was unable to get hold of the manufacturer and could he call me back. I told him I was not interested in a return call, I wanted the order canceled and my credit card reimbursed. He stated he could not do that until he spoke with the manufacturer to make sure the order had not shipped. He promised to work on it and call me back when the transaction was canceled. I was very unhappy when I ended the call. I did, however, receive a call back and an invoice stating my order was canceled and my credit card was being reimbursed. I'll be watching the card to make sure. I would never order from these people again.

Epicsports.comtheir prices may seem competitive but go elsewhere

Their prices may seem competitive but go elsewhere. Their shipping is slow and the return policy terrible. If you return something for any reason except that it was damaged or an incorrect item, they make you pay shipping (not unusual I guess) but will ding you with a restocking fee of up to 50%! Yep, half of what you paid! You have to wait on the phone for an eternity to talk to "customer service" to get an RMA email, and then they can't tell you what the restock fee will actually be. Oh, and if you do get them to agree to cover the return shipping, you have to buy it yourself, then include the receipt in the box (i.e. don't seal it up until you've paid for the shipping)! Good luck with doing that at the Post Office. No doubt all part of the plan to discourage returns.

Epicsports.combad business, stay away

I attempted to cancel my order BEFORE the items shipped and was told that it was not possible and that if I returned the items there would be a whopping 30% restocking fee. If this had been mentioned at all before my purchase, I never would have done so. My company operates a shipping department as well and it is absolutely possible to cancel an ordfer that is in the "processing" phase. Furthermore, charging a restocking fee is considered to be bad business these days and is usually only seen on sites like eBay from small scale merchants.