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WorldRemit Customer Service Contacts

1888 961 4869 (United States)
+44 207 148 5800 (United Kingdom & Rest Of The World)
+1 888 772 7771 (USA and Canada)
+61 261 452 161 (Australia)
+64 98 871 710 (New Zealand)
+32 25 884 464 (Belgium)
+45 78 792 981 (Denmark)
+41 435 086 414 (Switzerland)
+65 31 590 808 (Malaysia & Singapore)
2nd Floor, 62 Buckingham Gate
United Kingdom - SW1E6AJ
The United States
600 17th Street, Suite 200S, Denver, CO 80202

1000 rue de la Gauchetiere Ouest, Suite 2400, 24th floor, Montreal, QC H3B 4W5

Level 16, 1-7 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, NSW 2000

New Zealand
41 Shortland Street, Plaza Level, Auckland 1010

Ark Mori Building 12F, 1-12-32 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-6012

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WorldRemit Complaints & Reviews

WorldRemitmoney transfer to an individual bank account

I transferred 2999$ last Thursday to a individual Indian axis bank account and the money is not transferred yet. Customer care people are so rude. One said money will be sent today or refunded today but it's been a day and nothing happened. Today one says refund takes a week. No update on my money. Such annoying stressful painful experience. Need my money back. They never call back if there is a problem. They don't even re process a transaction after some update from customer end. We should call and ask them to try to do it.. worse experience ever. This is my second transfer but the first was also terrible. Pls do something..this stress is only creating blood pressure for me.


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    • Ma
      Marina Allaerts May 05, 2021
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      Ik heb een gelijkaardige ervaring, weliswaar over een kleiner bedrag.
      k heb op 19 april geld overgemaakt naar mijn verloofde in Zambia. Net op tijd zag ik dat het rekeningnummer in het systeem niet klopte en heb dit samen met de chat-specialist kunnen rechtzetten.
      Het geld is echter nooit bij hem toegekomen. Sindsdien heb ik ongeveer om de 2 dagen met WorldRemit gebeld. Steeds andere personen en steeds een nieuw case nummer. Ik vraag gewoon mijn geld terug maar dat gebeurd niet. Er wordt zogezegd contact openomen met de lokale agent/bank om uitleg en terugstorting maar niks gebeurt.
      Dit geeft mij inderdaad ook veel stress omdat je bovendien niet geholpen wordt.
      Ik ben ten einde raad ...
      Marina Allaerts

      0 Votes

    World Remitworld remit

    I had a charge for 107.40 on my debit card and I NEVER signed up for world remit. I called the number and the person at world remit could not give me any details. Just gave me a email address for fraud and hung up on me in the middle of me talking. obviously this place scams people, with all the complaints I see about them . This place needs to be looked at by the BBB.

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      WorldRemitfraudulent charges on my account

      I never authorized any transactions to be taken out of my bank account. I need my money back asap. Please or I'll have to report it . I already filed a dispute with my bank and law enforcement officers so please take care of this problem. I never authorized any transactions for anything to do with this site or any site on the internet. I would greatly appreciate your help in getting this matter resolved. Thanks and have a wonderful day.

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        WorldRemitI am complaining about money sent to me

        My boyfriend sent me money this morning using the application and he wasn't asked to send a verification ID, but he tried sending this evening and he was asked for a verification ID, please why is that? it's really stressful for him because he doesn't really know how to operate his android phone. He got help and sent his ID but i haven't still gotten the money. We thought it was supposed to be fast that's why we used the application, but it's othetwise

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          Nov 18, 2019

          WorldRemit — refunds

          My name is Mohamed Ali Gabose I live in Melbourne Australia I've sent $600 29th October it didn't...

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          WorldRemitfraudulent activity

          On 11/3/19 I checked my Bank Of America debit account! it showed WORLD REMIT had withdrawn $50.99 from my account!(I don't know who they are!) I would like my money put back in my account! I'm a 63 year old disabled vet! I can't afford this Paying for something I know nothing about! I'm On a tight budget, I try to give to charities here and there St. Jude Hospital, Children Hospital, KIDS WISH, Wounded Warriors, and Help Heal Vets!(I Give $5.00 Here and There!) That's why this money is so Important to Me! Thank You!

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            Oct 28, 2019

            WorldRemit — Unauthorised money transfer

            On August 30, 2019 I received a notification from my credit card that there was 2 transaction on my credit...

            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            WorldRemitm-pesa service


            I am Kenyan Citizen living in Germany And a longtime Worldremit customer. Since I opened this account I have made all my money Transactions through the M-pesa Mobile money transfer Service.

            What sought of Amendments or Alteration did you people make since the M-pesa service seems not to be recognized at anymore???🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️
            Equitel service has very low allowance for money transfer and regardless of the situation, no one at home, referring to my family members has/uses this service apart from M-pesa mobile Money transfer ...

            Can anyone please explain or give a concrete information on what sought of Alteration has occurred regarding M-pesa mobile money transfer service or why it ain't at your service as an option ??? Is it completely omitted from your service or it's just a temporary issue ??? What is wrong ???

            Yours sincerely
            Salome W. Wanjiru

            My Email Adress; [protected]@yahoo.de

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              Nothing has been resolved... Still waiting for your response !!!

              WorldRemitI wish to find out about the money I sent on the 10th of october

              I sent money to cameroon on the 10th of October but my recipient has not recieved the money but i got a message from worldremit that the money has been collected from Express union. Express union said they cant find the trasanction in thier system so please i wish to know what is happening and the town and branch the money was collected. My email address is [protected]@yahoo.com. I am in Canada. My names are Ojong Ebot Nki.

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                WorldRemitstolen identity and money from my account

                My debit card was used online to transfer $1, 380.00 abroad, I live in Kansas the person made an account from Denver, Co, late at night they were just melting my account away $600.00 at a time, they have no security, they get money also from stolen accounts so they don't care, going to social media and I will take it to everyone and anything that will listen to this scammer Worldremit. Disgusting stealing from hard working americans and they just allow it, don't use them, stay away.

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                  WorldRemitdo not use this platform of give them your personal information

                  I found on Saturday afternoon that three transactions to Ghana [ 444WR46130451 - CAD 157.99, 444WR46130551 - CAD 157.99, 444WR46130974 - CAD 214.99] were made from my account without my consent. I called the bank immediately but they said they were not able to do anything because I have a history with Worldremit.

                  One of the transactions was canceled [444WR46130974 - CAD 214.99] but the other two went through and a total of 327.98 CAD were charged to my personal credit card. I spend more than half an hour on the phone on Saturday trying to connect with your customer service and when I finally was able to talk to an agend they advised to disable my account and ask me to wait until the issue was communicated to the security department. I called on wenesday again because I did not get any answer. I received the worst customer service ever and started going on circles. Also, agents were rude and seem not to understand my English.

                  Another week past and I am still wasting my time calling again and writing emails without a solution. They are not able to take responsibility for their system failure and the inconveniences for their customers. It's not my problem that the funds were already sent to the recipient. That is the point of whoever committed the fraud. I did not authorize those transactions and their security department should be able to cross-check that.

                  I have been a customer of WorldRemit for more than a year. Unfortunately, after what happened I don't feel safe anymore to use the platform or recommended to anyone. It is not safe, they have yor personal and back information and won't take responsibility for anything.

                  This happened in Canada,

                  Thank you

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                    WorldRemitdisabled account

                    My account has been disabled. I really don't understand why . I called in to confirm a transaction and to change my previous email account [protected]@gmail.com which I no longer have access to. To New email account [protected]@gmail.com and to change my address too. Well everything seemed all good with the the a gent I spoke with literary did i know that he was only deactivating my account.

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                      • Me
                        Melinda Belinda Dec 22, 2019

                        Complete and utter liars. Told I would receive email of confirmation of conversation. Never got it. They disabled my account without my knowledge and won't give a reason why. I reported fraud, they are not interested!!

                        0 Votes
                      Sep 12, 2019

                      WorldRemit — account disabled and transfer wasn't paid to thensure receiver

                      Please I sent 50$ to my sister in Africa Ghana, but she has no yet received the payment and my account toof...

                      WorldRemitTransaction hold for no reason

                      I made a transaction on the 26th of August with transaction ID [protected] and [protected] to
                      Recipient's name is Stephen Kumah
                      Receiver number is. +[protected],
                      And I transfer the sum of 71, 000jpy to Worldremit account details Account Name: WorldRemit Ltd,
                      Bank Name: Mitsui Sumitomo Banking Corporation (Bank Code 0009) Branch: Head Office (Branch Code 200). Account Type: Savings, Account Number: 3712969 Bank reference required - WR4881715
                      And I was having the sum of overpaid balance of 300jpy with Worldremit in my July 29th 2019 first transaction
                      I have received several email from Worldremit that you have received my funds and up til now the fund have not gotten to my recipient. Am a Brazilian living in Japan and I don't speak English. I use only translator to write you and they insists on calling me which I could not understand what the computer was saying anytime I Call your customer care number. Please am so sad for the delay in this transaction because this is my second transaction am doing with this service and it also delayed like the first one. This are my documents and the receipt of the fund transfer. Please can you complete my transaction or I have to take my money back and forget about thWorldremit app. Thank you and please reply fast before I resume work. My work is very tight here

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                        Sep 03, 2019

                        WorldRemit — transaction not receive by the recipient

                        Good evening my name is Nadine.I used worldremit to make a money transfer to Cameroon. it's been 2 week...

                        Aug 31, 2019

                        WorldRemit — fraud

                        Today, on 31 of August between 12:00 and 13:00 my money were taken twice by the Worldremit company. I never...

                        Aug 24, 2019

                        WorldRemit — fund transfer

                        I made the transfer on 4th Aug 2019, world remit failed to do the transfer even after 10 days, called...

                        WorldRemitI hereby advise everyone to stay away from this scammer - worldremit

                        I have lodged a police report that I have been scammed by WorldRemit. I hereby advise everyone to stay away from this scammer.

                        My online fund transfer of SGD$200 to WorldRemit's OCBC bank account in Jun 2019 was withheld.

                        After submitted my ID, an email was sent to me confirming their approval. I proceeded to deposit SGD$200 into WorldRemit's OCBC bank account. But when I logged in to my online WorldRemit account, its stated unverified.

                        As such, I contacted its customers service in Singapore. I was then asked a few stupid questions and the staff abruptly told me my WorldRemit account must be cancelled immediately and with a very stupid reason saying that fund remittance was not allowed.

                        After the tele-conversation was over, I found my WorldRemit account blocked with my funds stuck in it. It was obviously a ploy to induce me to deposit fund after clearing my KYC but later told that my KYC was not successful. Since then, there was not response from WorldRemit. The staff just kept quiet that prompted me to write to MAS to uncover the scam.

                        I have urged MAS to review WorldRemit's remittance licence and to investigate its unethical way of promoting its remittance services by giving generous referral incentives and eventually lured its customers to deposit fund by falsified approval given online, as an attempt to carry out fraudulent activity.

                        I hereby advise everyone to stay away from this scammer - worldremit

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                          WorldRemitcancelled my account was told to read terms and conditions

                          I was sent an email that my account was being verified, then seconds later I went to check on the status of the account and it was closed. No explanation, I did call and email quite a few times and I was told each time that they cannot explain why I was closed. I was also told to read terms and conditions 4-5. I couldn't come up with a breach of service. I'm still puzzled and confused.

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                            WorldRemitaccount created with stolen identity

                            On July 10th while in Afghanistan I noticed an amount of 1517 come from my account from my bank. I contacted usaa however the issue is the hackers used my drivers license to give to you. Also the wrong information. I emailed [protected]@worldremit.com on the identity theft information along with my police report please review asap. The banks fraud claim is 1876159. I am upset that I have been a victim this year ans have reached out to you all 3 times ans still no resolution,

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