World Education Services [WES]delayed process and wrong confirmations

S Dec 20, 2019

Hi, I am suveka jeyakumar.
I have submitted my documents from my institutions to Wes. I have two types of certificates, one is higher national diploma and another one is degree. First they took 35 working days from the submitted date and they accepted my degree documents and they rejected my HND certificate and they asked me to submit that certificate from BTEC. So I submitted my HND certificate from BTEC, Uk.
Again they took some more working dates and I got an email from Wes on 10/03/2019. From their email they said that they reviewed and accepted my documents, also they said that they will provide my results on 10/30/2019.
But I did not got any reply from Wes until 11/22/2019. Meanwhile my work permit visa got expired. I called them and I requested about my results, but that time they said me to submit my degree certificate from Northumbria University. Again I submitted my documents from my Northumbria University uk on 12/12/2019. But they scanned and uploaded in my profile on 12/17/2019. Seriously I don't understand about their delayed and wrong emails. I have to put my permanent residency application to restart my work in Canada and restore my status in Canada. Please help me to safe my life and my 2years hard work in Canada. I have all my Pr documents in my hand except Wes. Wes results report is an important part in Pr process and I cannot complete my profile without that. I was contacted Wes over the phone so many times and I am not getting any proper answer from them too. Please help me, my life is in trouble because of their delayed.

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