World Education Services [WES]again asking for documents

N Jul 11, 2019

This current year my University has sent my PTU MBA degree directly to WES. Also my bachelor's degree has been sent out to directly by University to WES. In WES report 3594275 my Bachelor's is accepted and considered by you'll. This report is still valid. In WES report 4009472 you'll have accepted and considered my PTU MBA degree. i had raised the request just to add my MBA degree to existing WES report which had accepted my Bachelor's. One of the WES call centre representative confirmed that i won't be asked resubmit my bachelor's as it has been accepted by you'll. Only new wes report request has to be raised for your new degree to be considered along with bachelor's degree.I do not understand why i have been asked to resubmit my bachelor's degree in wes report (4009472) when the report (3594275) still stands valid and bachelor's degree was sent by University to you'll and it has been accepted by you'll. I want you to transfer my old WES report to New WES report. So that i can get 1 consolidated WES report which reflects that you'll have accepted both my degrees (Bachelor's and MBA PTU Degree).

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