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They claim to have received only half of the documents that were in the envelop... Seems like a usual practice for them.. No response to my emails and got them to hang-up on me (after waiting for more than 20 minutes on the phone...)

Anybody wants to join in a class action lawsuit?
I found that website on the web:



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      Dec 22, 2010

    Dear valschae,

    World Education Services owes you an apology. We were very sorry to learn about your disappointing experience with our organization and we hope to do better. A customer service supervisor has been put on your case. We hope to regain your trust in our services and we will be in direct contact with next steps regarding your file.

    Thomas Grant
    Customer Service Representative at World Education Services

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      Jul 13, 2011

    Yes, and they did it twice with my documents. Do they think people are stupid????? Shame on them!

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      Jul 13, 2011

    I am thinking to create a FB page with complains about them. We can hope the voice will come to the ears of the universities which can then CANCEL them from their evaluation request and finally send them out business. THEY DON'T DESERVE to stay in business, others maybe can do better and be more professional then these CLOWNS.

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      May 08, 2013

    Yes, I would like to take them to court. WES openly stated that they had no intention of awarding me my full UK credits as stated on my second degree transcript, instead giving me only half the credits. They stated, via BBB, that it was their opinion I should only get 24 credits instead of 42 US credits as stated on my transcript (in fact I should receive 52 credits in Masters credits) as they said my course in the US only warranted 24 credits. Where they got this figure from I dont know. My local 'Ivy league' level university state a minimum 37 US credits for a similar course and 52 US credits for a very similar course to the one I took. The BBB seem very ineffective and WES know nothing can be done, so far, to stop them in their fraudulent business. What concerns me is that despite having received hundreds of complaints the BBB still rate WES B- and do not give accurate information as to how many complaints they actually receive on their website. It appears to state how many complaints have been dealt with, but not how many they are dealing with. Certainly, my complaint has not made it onto their statistics and has made no difference in their ratings. What steps to take next, any ideas?

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