Woolworthsracist behaviour of employee at checkout counter


Today I did some shopping at woolsworth retail store at Macquarie shopping centre. I was waiting in the queue for the checkout/payment. There were counters to my left and right and this queue is in the middle of these counters. To my left, there was a blonde guy (woolsworth employee). I was first in the queue after a while and there was a blonde lady behind me. The woolsworth employee on the counters to my right was still busy with other customers. Whereas, this guy Mathew on my left was now free and he already sensed that I am wondering for checkout/payment at his counter. However, this guy intentionally ignored me and asked the other blonde lady for the checkout first. I tried atleast 3 times quickly to see if he calls me but he rather preferred the lady behind me for the checkout first. I will appreciate if you can take immmediate action against such racist behaviour. I am very much disheartened, frustrated and harassed with his beahviour and I am thinking to file an official harassment complaint against such behaviour. Please provide ethics training to your employees to avoid such behaviour. The employee Jordan is aware about this guy as I asked Jordan about the name of this guy. Hoping my feedback will not be ignored. Regards, Ashish

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