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To whom it may concern,
I have just been to my local Woolworth's store for the last time, I have been a very loyal customer at this store from the day the store opened. The reason I will not be shopping at any Woolworth's store from now on is because of the following situation that just took place at your Cobram store.
As I approached the checkout there was a customer in front of me who obviously spent enough money in the store to receive a free gift of Lion King Ooshies but she said she was not collecting them and didn't want them.
I then paid for the items that I purchased and my purchase came to $23.34 and I realised that I had not spent enough at the store to qualify for a free gift and I didn't
ask for one. (This transaction took place at 14:48 Hours).
I then sat in my car in the Woolworth's car park for approximately 20 minutes and started reading your weekly catalouge and after reading the catalogue I thought I would return to the store to purchase a few more items that were on special as well as the ingredients that were required to make an Easy Chicken curry which was featured in the catalouge.
I returned to the store and purchased the items I needed and when I got to the checkout I was served by the same person who had served me previously, this time my transaction came to $23:68 (This transaction took place at 15:21 hours).
In total, my two transactions came to $47.02 I then asked if I could have a free gift of an Oshie for one of my Grandchildren, seeing as I had spent the required amount to qualify but not in one transaction.
I was told NO you can't have one as it has to be in one single transaction, I could not believe what I was hearing and I thought to myself on my first visit to the checkout the woman in front of me qualified for a free gift (or maybe several) and she refused to accept any, so if I received her Ooshie is that going to be a huge loss to a company like Woolworth's.
I can not believe that I was refused one of these Ooshies which I believe would be worth probably less than 20 cents each. The woman on the checkout told me that this was Woolworth's policy and she had received quite a few complaints regarding the OOSHIE giveaways and I should contact head office and complain, I said No I couldn't be bothered over such a trivial matter but when I returned home I thought to myself, I will contact head office and voice my concerns about how a loyal customer for many years gets treated.
I also intend to contact a few talk back radio stations regarding this issue and let the general public know how you treat your customers for being so loyal over the years.
P.S. Thank God for Coles, Aldi and IGA
Robert Beggs
17 Elberta Court
Cobram 3644
Telephone: [protected]
E-mail: [protected]

Jul 24, 2019
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  • Ja
      Jul 24, 2019

    Can you show me on this doll where the world touched you that made you like this? LMAO.. Seriously though, what is wrong with you??

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