Woolworths Australia / found money in store.

Yesterday while shopping in Woolworths, I found money that may have belonged to another customer. I handed it in to a staff member and explained I had found it. He took the money and immediately put it in his pocket. I questioned him as to why he did that and he said he would hand it in later.

I continued shopping but was concerned that the money be properly recorded so the customer could receive the money back should they return. I went back to the staff member and asked if the money had been handed in. I can assure you I was very polite about this. The young man smiled and said he had handed in the money. He gestured to another young man nearby who seemed confused. I was not assured. I'm very concerned for the customer who lost money. We don't know their financial situation. We don't know if they are experiencing difficulties from the loss of the money.
And I'm also concerned that it seems that Woolworths has no policy to deal with such events. In an attempt to find out about the policy I contacted Woolworths customer support and other staff today but no one was aware of any policy.
I believe Woolworths should develop a policy and train staff accordingly.
I'm not looking for any acknowledgement regarding this situation. However, an explanation by the staff member as to what would happen to the money and how it might be returned (if that was possible) would have been a courteous way to behave. That didn't happen.
I hope you will follow this up and take appropriate action. I would be grateful for a response from you.
My email is: [protected]
Thank you, Teresa Cannon

Aug 13, 2019

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