Woolworths Australiadiscrimination by staff when serving

The Para Hills store has several young females who choose to discriminate, against middle aged men. It has happened on several occasions but to day was blatantly the worst,
At 3.23 PM I was going to the checkout when you young girl put out the closed register sign, so I moved to the the single open aisle, a couple of minutes later a lady got in line behind me and the young staff member reopened the aisle and asked the woman who had just got in line to use her aisle, the lady looked at me then said I was first when something was mumbled, so I told the young lady no you take it, as it was obvious that this said young employee had no intention of serving me, for what, well the only thing that it could be was I was a man in my fifties, it was blatant and not the first time .There seems to be a real attitude problem in this store which is why I now do most of my shopping at your competitors.
I will be seeing if I can take this further.
Check the video, it was around 3.23 and I'm the guy wearing the Navy shirt with embroidery on the back of a ship I served on.
I do believe she deserves to be sacked because customer service is no place for this kind of attitude, I eagerly await your reply

Oct 11, 2019

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