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V Aug 03, 2018

Invoice No [protected]. Not for the first time, I have had my order delivered by a rude person. This man does not greet, he attempts to pass bags at the door and needs to be motioned through. He has no time for checking and this morning despite me asking questions and checking my order against the invoice which i had to find shoved into a bag, he was rushing me to sign his electronic pad by putting it close to my face. He walked out leaving doors open behind him and when I told him he was rude, he glared at me. This is the face of woolworths. Not only that, I have paid $3.50 for your crate to bench service twice now and this and the last delivery was made with plastic bags placed on my floor.

I ordered a case of Bulmers apple cider for a party tonight. Apparently the store was out of bulmers cases. I received 4 x 4packs of Bulmers cider, 4 x loose bottles of Bulmers cider and 4 x loose bottles of batlow cloudy cider. There are other issues and some from previous orders which I will let slide because there is no point.

I rang [protected] and spoke to Delaney who was quite apologetic, but could only offer 3 options. 1 - She could have the driver return to collect the items. There would be no replacement, but I could have a refund. I said I would prefer that the rude driver did not return to my house. 2 - I could return the items myself to Glenmore Park store. I said I would prefer not to as the entire reason for home delivery was to save me travelling, time, effort. Glenmore Park is not local to me. 3 - I could hold the items and have them picked up tomorrow. I asked to speak to a manager.

Jamie who would not give me a surname or an employee number, an address or even a telephone receipt number, offered no more solutions. He was quite adamant that I would get nothing for free and he could not authorise any monetary remedy. Not even the value of the 4 x Bulmer cider that i did not receive. He advised the Batlow brand was more expensive so i was getting better value! How is it better value if i do not prefer it?

What a shame your staff are not proud enough of your brand to want to remedy your errors. The arrogance of Woolworths as displayed by your staff from the picker who thought close enough was good enough to the Customer Service Manager who thinks his only job is to protect your profits and make sure nobody gets anything for nothing, should be an embarrassment to you.

It will be a very long time before I order from Woolworths again.

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