Woolworths Australiawoolies online delivery service

M Aug 02, 2018

I had ordered online for delivery today to my workplace for use at my workplace. We do this every week.
The driver that was on the run today in our area was very rude to 3 staff members. He would not follow instructions as to where the items were to be taken to and he WIPED his nose on one of the UHT milk boxes. He also threw the packages around so goodness knows what condition the biscuits are in!! When he decided he couldn't be bothered to deliver the order as instructed he has left the premises. He REFUSED to complete the delivery.
We are totally disgusted at this man's behaviour. I have spoken to 3 customer service reps (one was a supervisor) all 3 of these people were of little help as they said "it's a contractor!" . The man returned after I spoke to the business customer service person but one of our staff sent him away as he was so rude previously and she felt unsafe with such a bad tempered person in her departmental area. You really need to screen your contractors!!! I have had this order cancelled and refunded and to see if this happens again, reordered. If it does reoccur I will be making further complaints with fair trading and the health authorities as your drivers obviously have not concept of hygiene.
Woolworths I really thought you were better than this! Obviously not!

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