Woolworths Australiastaff training and behaviour toward customers

G Aug 05, 2018

I went shopping at Coburg Woolworth:
1- Staff greets customers but they keep talking with each others not giving attention to customers. One staff served me and she didn't have her name tag and the other one (Calvin) who keeps talking to her while serving made me very upset but didn't say a word out of respect. This Calvin has the same attitude toward customers and one time he served me without any greetings or attention. Please can you educate your staff to how to behave with customers?
2- Woolworth banned plastic bags and that was really a good things for the environment but you forgot to train your staff how to put things in the bag. After I provided my bags the staff who served me put all the heavy things together so I couldn't lift the bag. Sure she was chatting with Calvin and didn't pay any attention to put staff in a correct way. She put my fetta cheese in the bottom of the bag so when I arrived home I ate a smashed fetta cheese. Please please can you train your staff properly?????

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