Woolworths Australiapricing

F Aug 06, 2018

Shopping today at Woolworths Hinkler Central at 12:30...

The mince was advertised on the shelf at $7 per kilogram with large advertising. The price on all of the packaging for 1kg mince was $8 per kilogram... I asked the staff... waited 5 minutes until they finally found someone form the meat section... His arrogant and rude, short and curt response? Don't worry about it, it will scan for $7 at the checkout... When I asked the obvious follow up question of why not correct the labels, hes response was "It's done in Brisbane... nothing we can do about it"... and he then walked away... Well before I could thank the guy properly for wasting 10 minutes of my day because they couldn't be arsed changing a few labels so they were correct.

How much money do you guys make a year off us??? Is it too much to ask that the prices on the stuff you sell is correct?

And as for your customer service, don't get me started... You only have to scroll down some of these complaints to see you are a typical greedy faceless corporation only interested in profit and your perceived media profile... You figure treating all of us like this will have no impact on your overall bottom line...

I'll be spending my money at coles from now on... I mean there's no difference between you anyway...

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