Woolworths Australiano free plastic bags

D Sep 05, 2018

I used to go to Woolworths every week in Sydney, Australia for my full groceries shop, as they had everything I needed. However, since the ban on giving away free plastic bags came into effect, I now have to go to other shops to get my free plastic bags. I use about 10 to 15 of them each week to wrap all my rubbish in so that my garbage bins are spotless and don't smell. When I am in the other shops, I end up buying a lot of my groceries there instead. In fact, whilst I still go to Woolworths, I only spend about a quarter that I used to spend there. It would be wonderful if Woolworths resumed giving out the free bags (biodegradable if you wish) as then I can resume doing all my shopping at the one place. The plastic in the ocean comes from Asian countries that use their rivers as open sewers and ships that throw everything into the ocean, but not from NSW supermarkets. The ban is tokenism at its worst and is upsetting an enormous number of former loyal shoppers.

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