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B Aug 01, 2018

I purchased three packs of these Macro chicken breasts for a dinner party. I purchased them on July 22nd from Woolworths Secret Harbour WA. Two packets of the chicken breasts I stuffed, wrapped in bacon and roasted and they were so tough that two dinner guests were unable to eat their meal. The third packet I slow cooked to see if that helped but the chicken was still stringy and coarse in texture. The breast pieces were very large which did make me a bit concerned about their texture which is why I took extra care in roasting them.
I only shop at Woolworths but this is the second time in two weeks I have been very disappointed in a purchase. Earlier in the week I purchased two individual pieces of MSA grade scotch fillet which was $31 per kg and it was extremely tough and tasteless. I usually purchase my meat from Gavin at the meat counter in Miami store but due to illness have had to shop at Greenfields for the past few weeks. I have never had a problem with meat purchased from Gavin but the meat at Greenfields does not appear to be of the same quality.
I no longer have the receipt for the steak but the barcode receipt number for the chicken is [protected].

I would appreciate a refund for the chicken at least ($10.68, $10.93, $10.40 Total $32).

Wendy Faulkner

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