Woolworths Australiabarcode scan error


On Wednesday 18th October at the Woolworths Armadale store I purchased several items one being a bunch of mini carrots which when I selected from the vegie section was clearly priced at $1.00. When I went to pay for my goods a checkout with a store representative they scanned out at $1.70. I questioned the operator about the price, she had no idea and asked where I got them from. I advised from the vegie section. I then went to the vegie section to check on the price and the sign was clearly marked $1.00 for the mini carrots. The operator proceeded to amend the price to $1.00. I then questioned why I wasn't getting the item free as it scanned incorrectly, she advised I had not paid for item so I don't get it free. I asked where in your policy does it state that, she had no answer but still refused to give me the item free. This is not about the money but more about standing for my rights. If this was done to every customer who would not even take the time to question the price, then who benefits from this mistake, certainly not the CUSTOMER!
And then the operator had the audacity to put the item as a "price reduction"

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