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L Aug 03, 2018 Review updated:

In May 2018 I purchased two bottles of Woo Lash Eyelash conditioner/serum. The website,, promised a 60-day money-back guarantee if it did not work for me. It did not work and in July 2018 before the 60-days were up, I went to the website again to request a refund. There is no phone number for customer service or no phone number at all even to order. I wanted to make sure that I followed their exact instructions on returning the product for a refund. So, I completed the only way they offered, messaging, and waited for a reply. They never responded to me at all even though I sent several messages to their company. This obviously is a shyster company. Fraudulent with misleading advertising.

Do not do business with this company. They do not hoor their promises. False and fraudulent advertising online. They should be shut down. You will not get your money back if it does not work for you.

  • Resolution Statement

    I sent Woo Lash another message to tell them that I had written bad reviews of their company. They contacted me via email and told me that their message system was down and they had been unable to contact me and did not have my name so could not contact me after they got their system working again. So, even though it was past the guarantee period, they issued me a full refund when I returned their product. I have no complaints at all regarding my transaction with Woo Lash.


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      Aug 30, 2018

    I am from South Africa. I ordered the Woolash Starter from Woo Pure on the 29th of May. Today is 30 August and I still have not received my order. I tried numerous times to contact Woo via email, messageing and no response from them. No contact numbers on their website. Very disappointed in this company.

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  • A
      Oct 14, 2018

    I ordered this product on July 31, 2018 and I have not received it. What is going on? It was a double order for $55.70.

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      Oct 14, 2018

    Ordered this product on July 31, 2018, have not received it. It was a double order for $55.70 paid through PayPal. Please advise or just send it.

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      Oct 24, 2018

    I am in South Africa and ordered this product, it took 3 months to recieve it. There were no responses on my queries before that.
    I have used the product for more than 3 months and have absolutey no growth.

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  • N
      Oct 29, 2018

    I ordered WooLash early in June. Used it for 3 months and had absolutely no growth!!! I couldn't be more disappointed. The product that I am now using EyEnvy is a superior product and the results are as promised, longer, fuller eyelashes in 2.5 months.

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      Nov 14, 2018

    I ordered from Woo Lash October 31st 2019. My order was shipped 11/01. It has now been 2 weeks (Nov 14th) and I still have not received anything. My shipping even says delivered yet I never got anything. Very disappointed in Woolash because I thought I found the best product for a decent price.

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      Nov 14, 2018

    *2018 sorry guys lol

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  • L
      Jan 24, 2019

    Does anyone have contact information other than the website?

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      Sep 09, 2019

    trying to contact this stupid customer service, nobody answers me as I am requesting to return and refund. this company is a total fake! No one responds here and no one post a negative review about the truth about this product! Fake, fake, fake!

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      Dec 19, 2019

    I had eyelash extensions and when they were removed I lost quite a few eye lashes. I read all the hype about how great this product was and was anxious to try it. Well, I have been faithfully using it since November 7th and it is now December 18th. There is absolutely no significant difference aside from tiny little lashes coming out that would have grown anyways. It's really disheartening that I had fallen victim to another BS scam that uses fake advertising to get their products sold. It's too bad companies like this are not shut down for their false claims like this one. This is truly a rip off.


    Judy G

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