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Mason Easy Pay / Mason Companies Complaints & Reviews

Mason Easy Pay / Mason Companies / easy pay boots

Mar 13, 2019

It is taking forever for my easy pay to go through. What is going on? I submitted all of my information and it has been pending for a long time. What is the point? I would rather spend my money else where than to hold on waiting. Just not to get an approval or answer at all. This company...

Mason Easy Pay / Mason Companies / my order

Jul 19, 2018

I had placed an order and the address was fine then when I went to check it, it had my old address on it and when I placed my order it showed my NEW address to so I had called spoke to a woman and she told me I would have to speak to a manager about the issue with the address so she said...

Mason Easy Pay / Mason Companies / unauthorized opening of an account

Apr 20, 2018

On or about January of this year I received an invoice from Mason Easy Pay for items I did not purchase. I never opened an account with this company. After receiving an invoice, I immediately contacted their credit dept. and informed them that the account was fraudrant. I wrote them and...

Mason Easy Pay / don't waste your time here

Dec 14, 2017

Never have I dealt with such an inept customer service department. I ordered shoes from them 3 weeks ago. I didn't receive any information at all. No confirmation, no tracking number. I contacted customer service and found out that they hadn't even shipped the package yet. It was an inner...

Mason Easy Pay / sketchers/shirt/jeans capri ankle pants

Jun 21, 2017

We just called in to order Sketchers, a women's shirt, and Capri Ankle pants in denim. Besides that the sketchers were on b/o until July 17 didn't bother me. My husband Mike McGuinness of 78 Rumson Court, Smyrna, GA 30080 was ordering. The customer service woman was not just nasty and acted... / they didn't cancel my order

Feb 28, 2017

I made my order and after that I decided to read some reviews. I didn't like what I read and I decided that it was better to cancel my order and buy elsewhere. I contacted MasonEasyPay and asked them to cancel my order and they assured me they will. The next day I contacted them again...

Mason Easy Pay / the worst!!

Jan 12, 2017

Probably the worst company I have ever used. I have purchased two pairs of shoes from them and when I received them they looked nothing like pictures and quality was a total garbage so I sent them back. Later (about a week or two) I received a message from Mason Easy Pay stating that I...

Mason Easy Pay / mason credit card

Jul 13, 2016

I recently applied for credit with Mason easy pay and was approved with a credit line of 500.00.So I placed an order for 107.00 and the order arrived about 4 days later and I was pleased.The order for 2 pair of shoes were sent back because of a sizing problem, no problem.I called customer... / they started to charge me for the order each month

Dec 05, 2014

People, be aware that the company is real scam. I ordered two pairs of shoes from the company The rep didn’t deliver any confirmation info or order as well. I paid about $150 for the order, but after that the rep started to take $25 each...

Mason Easy-Pay / fraud promoters

Dec 02, 2014

Mason Easy-Pay allows people to purchase items based on only a social security number and birth date. This is an obvious and easy gateway for identity thiefs and fraudsters. The only way to dispute fraud is to fill out a fraud packet and send it back to the company. This means giving more...

Mason Easy Pay / reasonable accommodation

Jul 10, 2014

Reasonable Accommodation: > I am required by law to say that term prior to even saying Hello and it is a royal pain to me to state it as it seems that many people that are not necessarily ignorant not stupid but unaware that the only way they can legally respond while living in the USA i...

Mason Easy Pay / return shipping charge

Nov 03, 2012

Ordered size 9eeee shoes, when received though they were marked "9eeee" they were actually standard width. Shoes came with return label that indicated a 7.99 charge for return. Called their customer service department and was told that the return shipping would be refunded if the shoe... / they are knowingly misleading people to give up their information gradually without actually telling you they are going to access your credit report


Mason is leading consumers to believe that their credit reports are not being accessed because they only get the last four digits of your social security number not the whole number. Then they use your address information to access your credit bureau. After you give them initial...