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I received my Woolash eyelash serum starter bottle last December 10, 2019. When I opened the seal, the bottle cover/lid detached on its own. I did not need to twist it to open. It looks like the bottle is broken at the area where it touches with the cover, since it won't close firmly/tightly.

I wrote to Woolash about it on the same day. Until now, I got no response. Should I return the bottle and allow the contents to spill? Or could I just possibly get a replacement bottle?

Hoping I could get a response this time.


eyelash serum verified

eye lash serum

I have ordered a eye lash serum from this company I have had no e.mail from them confirming this, they have taken the money from my PayPal account I have not received my item. My e.mail address is [protected] I have opened a case with PayPal to say I have not received my item.
Also I have tried contacting woolash pure and they just ignore me. I feel concerned as it is a lot of money I have spent on a product that has not arrived. verified

not one single response

I have been messaging Woolash Customer Service for 4 weeks now with not one single response. My 4... verified

woo lash eye serum

I bought the pack of 3 because of the better deal and free shipping. It arrived on time but I am not noticing that the package did not come with any information about my Order. After using it for almost 2 months I have seen no results. I decided to return it to get my money back. I contacted the customer service to see how to return it since there is no information else where. It says the workers will usually get back to you within 24 hours. They never did. I contacted them again and still no answer. I'm not sure whether to send it back or keep it but either way is a waste of money. I would not recommend this product to anyone considering it doesn't work and their customer service is bad. verified

delivery woolash serum with tracking no. ua934347607us

I ordered triple woolash on 6 Oct and the expected delivery date is 24 Oct but until now I don't receive the package. I sent message 2 weeks ago but no one gave response. Could you check where my package is? It has been delay for 3 weeks and the status at the tracking system is still the same since 14 Oct. I don't understand why there is no response from Woolash. verified

eye serum

I purchased the eye serum, and unfortunately I did not see results. When I inquired about a refund (60 day money back guarantee) on their "chat" I have heard no response, and it's been past the 48 hour window response time. There is no contact information provided either. I would like this processed immediately for the 60 day window is in the next few days. verified

woolash eye serum

I purchased some Woolash Eye serum it arrived on the 29/10/19 I followed the manufacturers instructions to the letter when applying it only to discover I have had an allergic reaction to it, I have sent numerous messages via their chat line but nobody has bothered to respond, I would like a refund I can't find a current e-mail or address or telephone number can you please help it is becoming ridiculous now as they do offer a 60 day money back guarantee can someone please refund me ASAP I have had to visit the GP as a result of using this serum it is unacceptable!!
From: WooLash
Date: 22 October 2019 at 12:31:22 BST
To: [protected]
Subject: Order WL78656 confirmed


Thank you for your purchase!
Hi Filomena, we're getting your order ready to be shipped. We will notify you when it has been sent.
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Filomena Garritano
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woolash eyelash growth serum allergic reaction to it

I have had an allergic reaction to the WOOLASH eye serum I purchased it on the 22/10/19 I have mislaid the original receipt and e-mail but I do have a copy of the payment that went through on my American Express statement I can take an image of it and send it to you via e-mail if you send me your e-mail address please?
Mrs F Garritano
Lantern Lodge
108 Bromham Road
MK40 4AH verified

I would like a full refund. disappointed in product.

I purchased a single bottle of woo lash serum September 27, 2019. I have been using the product as described for nearly two weeks and haven't seen the promised results mentioned on the website. I would like a full refund as woo lash states on the website regarding the 60 day guaranteed refund if unhappy with the product. I've tried contacting woo lash through their website twice and have received no responses regarding my issue. verified

woolash three pack

Hi there,

As I'm based in NZ it's been very difficult trying to track my order and money because no one is getting back to me from Woolash even though I submitted a request over a week ago. I have had no response.

I have tried to follow up an order that has gotten lost in the post. I never received the package. No email response to acknowledge my enquiry. And it seems they have no customer service people to help out.

I plan on going all over until I either get my money back or the product I was promised. verified


Do not order from this company. The website states 60 day money back guarantee if not satisfied, and to speak with customer service. After contacting multiple times no one responds to my emails. This company has falsely represented itself because it also states a response to customer inquiries within 48 hours. I have waited for weeks. Do NOT order from Woolash. verified

woolash eye serum

I bought 5 bottles and used 2 with zero results. When I contacted them someone called tatiana replied and told me she would refund my money even though it was after 60 days. She conned me into sending them back with specific instructions, to which I complied, and now my package is still sitting in their post office box after a week. Now she gives me the complete ignore and I get absolutely nothing for my money. This is a bogus product and the company sucks with their customer service. Do not buy this product!! It is a total waste of time and your hard earned money. Even their phone number is incorrect so you cannot contact them directly. I am totally disgusted about the whole thing and out $75.00 plus the money to return the 3 bottles. I am grateful that I do not work for a company with such disregard for their customers. I don't know how they sleep at night.

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    [email protected] Dec 15, 2019

    the product has made my lashes worse.

    i want a refund

    how do i go about getting refund

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  • Sa
    Sarah umair Jan 26, 2020

    Hi. I ordered you January 3rd 2020, but did not receive any confirmation email regarding my package and shipment. Money has been taken from my account. I left several messages on chat page but no one is answering. I liked your product. Please send me as soon as u can. Thanks

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    Dawn Crowell Feb 04, 2020

    This product did not work for me. Their website says they offer a 60 day money back guarantee. There is no phone number or email to contact them to get a refund. Do not do business w/this company. Very shady!

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woolash serum

i recently purchased woolash eyelash serum (order WL71182)

i used it for the first time lastnight

i was awoken out of my sleep with extreme itching of my eyes

i had to put cold water on my eyes to try ease the irritation

i can't use this product

very disappointing :(

i was super excited about this product but my eyes have been left itchy and red as a result of this product verified

triple woolash

Continuing my previous review about Woopure Free Delivery statement over order $75 misleading that now Woopure offered me to resend my order and I need to rejected my first order and not paying customs and handling charge.

Now more than 2 weeks after my order date, I still haven't received my order, and I got an email again from Royal Mail saying that I expecting new parcel and when I click the tracking, surprise surprise I have to pay customs and handling charge again.

I have email Woopure Customer Service again this afternoon, and haven't got any replied. I told Woopure if I still have to pay customs and handling charge I want to cancel my order and want all my money back.

Will keep everyone update, please from everyone outside USA, just try to avoid ordering from Woopure until it's clear what's Free Delivery means.

I have ordered Tripe Woolash which cost me more than £80 (included Streling charge) and still not such a thing Free Delivery as they said. verified

free delivery on worldwide shipping is misleading

I ordered Triple Woo Lash last month, and I bought 3 at once because it says Free Delivery World Wide Shipping on order more than $70 on their Website. Today, I received email from Royal Mail UK saying I need to pay for Import and Handling fee £25 that is a big Delivery Fee I would say.

The statement of Free Delivery is so misleading.

As a Supply Chain and Logistics Controller for UK Retail Company, I know exactly how it works. You can easily put estimated Delivery/Handling charge to your information and not giving wrong information to the Customer.

Also they using USPS (US Postal Service) which then continue to Royal Mail, and unfortunately Royal Mail also not the best options for Carrier in the UK.

I have now paid the £25 Delivery Fee which Woo Pure claimed as Free Delivery, and Royal Mail showing Error on Payment, checked my Bank Account, money got deducted. Now, I don't know how I will get my Product as I will not be paying another £25 to Royal Mail.

If I still not get an answer from Woo Pure regarding my Delivery, I will cancel and ask both my money for the products and customs charge to be refund.

I will update you on how things go with Woo Pure. verified


Woolash eyelash enhancer is rated one of the top products for eyelash growth and I don't know why. I've been using it for 3 months and see 0 results where as I've used grandelash MD and saw results in as little as 4 weeks yet that is not rated one of the best in any review I've looked at. Don't waste yr money on woolash, buy grandelash MD, it won't disappoint. verified

they have no contact info

I submitted and order and wished to cancel it fairly quickly after. There is no way to do it. I have messaged them repeatedly through the website and received no response. They were quick to take my money, but I have absolutely no way to contact them other than that. How are they supposed to honour this alleged 60 day money back guarantee? This feels like a fraudulent company.

  • Updated by LauraLL · Jan 25, 2019

    After 3 days of trying, I finally received a reply. They cancelled my order and refunded my money. verified


I ordered 3 tubes of Woolash because it was a better deal and also offered free shipping. The... verified

woolash eyelash serum

I ordered an eyelash serum on the 28th of September from, when it was ordered it stated it was due for delivery within 7-21 days, however I have now been waiting over that period of time and still haven't received the product I have already paid €55 for.
Tracking was last updated 21 days ago, and nothing since, also can't find a contact number for the company who is supposed to be delivering the item.
Tried to find a customer service contact number or email address for woo pure but can't seem to find any form of way to contact this company. I have then proceed to use the woo lash help Center which is on their website and have been ignored both times I have sent a message explaining the situation.
I feel like I've been defrauded and am very unhappy. verified

[Resolved] woo pure - woo lash eyelash conditioner/serum

In May 2018 I purchased two bottles of Woo Lash Eyelash conditioner/serum. The website...