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H Jan 08, 2019
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My mother passed away in July 2018 I was beneficiary on account and money has been returned to the US Treasury Department and cleared and I am being billed for the pension that was put into her account that belongs to me in the first place they won't close the account they won't give me the money out of the account.. there was a $2, 200 balance owed to the Social Security Department because they refused to shut the account down so that money has been returned and paid in full yet they still refused to release the account and I am being billed for the $7, 500 that was put into her account although I am now drawing her pension and they have paid me back what they put in a bank account I am being billed for what is in the bank account and they will not release I would advise anyone banking with Woodforest did not die or take it out of there because your family will not be able to bury you remind mother was pronounce dad I will look for them and ask them since I was beneficiary for money to bury her by her family because I already had the plots I still was not giving the money I had to cremate her I have no place to to visit her and on top of that I have to pay Michelin tire $7, 500 back for her pigeon that Woodforest is still holding 7 months later they refused to speak with Social Security Administration they refused to do a 3-way they refuse to do anything they want Social Security provide a letter stating that has been paid when the money that's owed or what road was in their bank account I had no control over and they will not allow me to touch it so what do you see in the beneficiary what's the meaning of it can't bury you with it most people put their money in the bank so they can be buried and it will be safe until they are deceased but this bank will keep your money when you become deceased so you better put your money elsewhere if you want to be able to give your family their last will and testament and not cremate them as I've had to do you work for Michelin tire for 40 years to ensure she was buried Woodforest took that ability and I'm now being billed because she passed away and I'm already living with that decision of having to cremate her or actually donate her body to science which can give a death certificate at any point they don't have to give it right away because they haven't touched the body until they do the science on it whereas if they would have just done what was right by the beneficiary side I could have made sure she was buried and I would have the money that belongs to me in the first place and I have even shown them letters of how I am being billed and how the pension was supposed to be mine starting August 1st they don't care about anything but themselves and have hung up on me twice I have these calls recorded I have all the paperwork to match it I would not advise anyone to go to Woodforest


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Woodforest National Bank's response · Jan 09, 2019

    Thank you for taking the time to share the details of your recent experience. We'd like to take a closer look into what happened. Please send an email to [protected] with your contact information. – WNB


  • Jp
    J. Price Jun 23, 2020
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    My father, Vietnam War Vet, 3yrs active service marine Corps, Life member of VFW, Life member of Marine Corps League, Lincoln Land Leathernecks Detachment 1174, Life member of Paralyzed Veterans of America, passed on May 30 of 2020. God rest his Soul. I've taking care of my father since 2015, he suffered from M.S. and was confined to wheelchair. He opened checking account a couple years ago in person, I was present as well. He authorized me to be the POD or beneficiarie on his account. At that time I presented my expired Texas State issued I.D. card with which they took and made a copy of and so it seemed all was good. WRONG, now that he has passed on, I've come upon the hardship of funeral cost, living expenses, and outstanding accounts of my father's. I've presented his Death Certificate and the same I.D as before, yet they will not release funds from account to me. This is so wrong, so heartbreaking to me and my family. I also have my certificate of birth, my Social Security Card and I have a notarized document giving me his permission to sign any legal documents for him (Power of Attorney) I am unable to do much of anything due to Covid 19 pandemic. I am so lost at this point, to think about this brings tears to my eyes and a lump to my throat. This is so wrong. My mother has a separate individual account with woodforrest bank of which I'm listed as 1 of 2 beneficiaries. What can I do ??? J. Price of San Antonio

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