Wixunauthorized auto-payment


Wix made an unauthorized payment from my debit card. I am shocked at this. I did not have my Wix plan on auto-renew, but the company renewed regardless. The company also gave me NO notification of any kind of the unauthorized payment. I am trying to get a refund, but we will see!

I tried to contact Wix by phone; their 415 area code phone number (San Francisco) is disconnected!! I am still trying to get through on their 800 number. I write their support department, but have yet to receive the customer service support I deserve in getting this resolved, and refunding my money.

Beware of using Wix. There are now many, many complaints about Wix taking money from customers without their consent. It would appear Wix is failing as a company, and getting desperate to stay afloat by cheating their customers.

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