Wish.comwish free item giveaway


Hello I'm here complaining about the same thing I've seen other customers come here for free Giveaway. I've missed it once thinking the Giveaway was in the a.m when it was p.m can so far I've been ready everyday this week trying to claim free items with no luck.. When I pick the item I really want I chose that first from size and color and on to the next possible item I can get but when I went to check out it showed me the total of what I had to pay so I'm here asking for the items I tried to check out and a better way to claim these items.. I've made a few purchases in the past and I plan to continue but it has to be a better way for consumers to be able to make purchases or to claim free giveaway items free shipping or not... I would deeply appreciate a response bcz I'm missing out on some good stuff 🙏

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