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A Aug 17, 2018

OK as my son that is 12 looking for items for sale came to me and said mom what is this it says for men woman and children so he wanted to know what they were as a mother this completely [censored]ed mY head up for my child to even see this when he came to me and asked and I seen it all I could do is break down and cry to think that people have no respect at all to post a sale ad selling Meth pipes with the word children in the post I am in conpletle mental de-stress over this any mother that had her son come ask what this was cause u classified the word children in it would be highly pissed I can't let this go this is going to far now wish how would y'all feel if a 14 15 year old seen this not knowing anything about it and bought this from u guys y'all went to far with this ad and I will do my best to have ur company shut down this is ur called for anyone that has the nerve to do this is trash in my book now I have to explain to my son why I just broke down crying over a sale he showed me cause he thinks I'm mad at him for asking me what it was no I'm not mad at him in complete sick to my stomach and disgusted with the people that thought this was cool to post made it sound like it was a great product and when u say for men women and children it's like saying hey kids come get a Meth pipe it's OK we don't care cause we are cold hearted people that don't care what we sell it who we sell it to

meth pipes
meth pipes

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