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I ordered an item, got in touch with what looks like autobot replies. My item was never delivered and they are refusing to refund. I am sick of this crap company of not honouring refunds. I have evidence of every communication sent.
I want to take this further in matters of legality against
So far I have waited till delivery date passed and still nothing. I constantly get the same check with neighbours and post office. However I asked who did the delivery and still no response.
I am not happy and still want my refund for I know there Is foul play.


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    SamanthaFitz99 Oct 03, 2018

    You should contact the 3rd party seller that you bought the item from on, wish does not sell items and does not ship items, it is simply a platform for 3rd party sellers to sell their items, kind of like eBay. It really is not Wish's fault, they should take the appropriate action, and I am sure if this seller has gotten a lot of complaints like yours, they will do something about it. But try contacting the seller directly instead of, sellers are usually more than willing to help, but when a customer goes to the platform that we are selling on instead of us directly, it is most likely we arent going to get a chance to try to make it right with our customers, and you'll end up most likely just getting a refund instead of the product you wanted, which the seller can narrow down what the problem is and help fix it. Now if they do not help you fix it and is not willing to work with their customers, that is when you should go to Wish directly, you will then have messages as proof as well..

    After reading reviews, it seems wish almost wants to hide the fact that they are a platform for 3rd party sellers, and not an actual retail website themselves, I am just trying to comment on most peoples reviews so they can get their items/refund, but you NEED to contact they buyer you bought this item from on Wish, clearly wish is not taking action with their scammer sellers selling on their site.

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