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jojo bows

I received a package and it was a small one I opened it n here it was a JoJo bow allwrinkled up in this small...

michealcors earrings an shirt

My order was placed in oct an money was taking off my card for it an nothing has come to my address I used .If the product not going to be sent please refund my money back on card .Look up the information an it should show my order Thanks so much .My order was placed October 16 2017 could you please let me know something cause money I don't have to give away. That's all I have it

overcharged... cancel my order!!!

I would like to cancel my order with I order two items for my little girl in which she was so...

product not received.

Dear Wish,
I've bought a braiding tool(costing 1, 95 euro including 1, 00 euro for shipment) on 18 Oct, but I haven't received the product for more than one month. Therefore, I would like to ensure that whether it has been delivered or not because the company already took the payment from my credit card ( the payment record from my bank app is as the attached photo below )and I didn't expect the deliver period to be so long. Hope to hear from you soon.
Thank you.

product not received.

white & red womens casual shoes

Is not my 1st time I shop with a and everything I bought it was horrible quality.Not too long I...

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I've received my merchandise but it was the wrong product wrong size . And all I've asked was for my refund I've sent them pictures and the information that they need forteen times and they stopped replying to me . This has happened four different times on four different orders they were nothing as what they showed in the pictures I've order now I don't no where to turn . I will no longer visit there site again I will take my business elsewhere. I hope people are care with them I've told others and they say the same about wish and there product s have I've known. But how are you to trust them sites when one has done so wrong .They have my debit card number I pray this gets out so they don't do others the same. Tina Davis

wish.. where is my coat at

I have not received my merchandise which is a coat that I ordered at the beginning of October with my credit card they told me my delivery date was November 14th it past that then they told me another delivery date because they was bad November 21st now I install and uninstall the app and it will not let me get my refund I want a refund for my coat but I can't even get in contact with them I called the number and it keeps sending me back to the automated system please somebody tell me something or give me my money back or something like what's wrong with wish I ordered a code just like this is green just like this if the inside is brown and I never received it yet

wish.. where is my coat at

my package is really late

I ordered my tablet on October 13th. It said my arrival date would be November 9th, and when November 9th came I checked and they changed it to November 16th. It is now November 21st and still no sign of my package. I don't have a tracking number to find out where it's at. And I really need it before the end of this month. I emailed you guys last week and have heard nothing back. I would like to talk to someone about this issue. Thank you and please respond promptly.


So I was shopping for a tablet in the description it clearly states it comes with tablet tablet cords etc. Just pay shipping listed as free and then I click buy and these items that are listed FREE and up are actually $200 & $300 I am really disappointed. I am a regular customer on wish and never had this issue before. If this doesn't get fixed I'm going to quit ordering from wish. It's false advertisement! So no tablet for me it's way to expensive and is not labeled with the right price.

monkey fingers

Wish, I order all 5 colors of the monkey fingers @1.oo each on 11- 5 and have only recieved one monkey finger and $16.00 has already been with drawed fron my account. What's up with the others. Please respone to [protected], I'm not happy with your bad service. I do plan to tell all my facebook friends of your bad service unless I can get this resoved ASAP.

monkey fingers

I haven't received my products but money had been taken

Hi my name is Janet Brennan and I ordered many things from wish and haven't received them..but in the mean time ordered other things and reviving them..for the first order money was taken from my account but I have no history on my wish account..very confused would like this matter resolved..I'm a food customer and love your site but kinda angry that my first order only one thing came like I said before I have no reference on my wish account anymore to even try to track my was a experience order to about £40/50 so if my order don't come please return my money ...many thanks.


Hi Guys

I am writing in regards to the unlawful use of my photo on your website. I own rights to these photos and at no point did you ask for permission to use them nor advise of how you attained them. I demand these to be taken down ASAP! I have attached a photo for your reference. I would like to be notified once this has been actioned.
I need this actioned right away or else I will make this a big issue.


refunds for late items and my account is blocked

I have a bunch of orders from the 20th of November, I have not got one refund. I used my boyfriends card to order some items. You choose to cancel the orders. I don't want the items you canceled. I use PayPal to pay for my items. I will not send you my bank statements. PayPal is safe giving you my bank statement makes me feel uneasy. I enjoy using wish . I have not been able to order anything in three days. I have sent many messages and asked for help but I get no response. You say 3 days it's been more than that . I don't know what else to do. Please help and stop ignoring me.

I have been charged for purchases I did not make

I have had a variety of deductions from my account but I have not purchased anything. It's pretty crappy as I...

ring order wrong one delivered

Good afternoon, as a customer who has ordered a ring and received the wrong service as a USMC, I received a Coast Guard. I have sent a request in 1 week after receiving it, and sent numerous emails. As this is the only way to contact your company, I have received emails back and followed the instructions, but to no avail.
It's not the cost of the ring, it's the moral, or lack of as it comes to your support team to rectify the mishap. I am requesting again for tenth time to have the proper ring sent to me as I have ordered.
If this is not able to be done then you will leave me no other choice but to contact fraud division of the United States, and have them contact you about this, and will also contact facebook to inform them as to the issue and the lack of any company protocols for with your company is not following up with.
You may reach me by text, cell or email
Let's take of this before the end of November, or I will have to comply with the federal government law and so then will you.
Best regards
Richard Belanger

ring order wrong one delivered

an indefinite suspension on my account

So, i have been a loyal customer of wish for a number of years. Before i had my own credit card, in fact. Anyway, previously i used visa gift cards to purchase items. Sometime last year, i got my own credit card. I tried to order with it on my account and i got an instant ban from wish. I can use wish, i just cant buy. I've made other accounts to see if maybe it was just the one but each account gets suspended and banned as well. I have contacted wish for months now, recieving automated replies along the lines of, "you have gone against the terms and service". In the terms and service it doesnt really say anything about using a new card, which is what im suspicious of. It literally saus2that they can ban or suspend your account indefinitely without reason. I'm at my wits end and I sent another complaint to another email of wish's. Hopefully i can get an actual reply. If not, I'm probably going to spread the word because this is ridiculous and should not have gone on for this long.

daily giveaway

For several times I have emailed about this issue... This time I have enclosed screen shots. If this issue isn't resolved and I do not receive the items I have wanted, I will post to fb and every other social media out there I am tired of the delay and when it does go on, everything is claimed. It is not fair. Please resolve this... I have deleated and re-downloaded the app several times. My phone is a android, my carrier is comcast. I have no issues with any other app.

daily giveaway
daily giveaway
daily giveaway
daily giveaway
daily giveaway
daily giveaway
daily giveaway
daily giveaway
daily giveaway
daily giveaway

I did not purchase any item. my name is tina lynch

I got up to 3 charges on my card from wish 2.00, 4.00, 8.00. I want my money back asap I didn't order anything looking at purchase history nothing there help desk need you to click on item there isn't one [protected] last four of card 1224 please refund me my money I don't know how this happened but I need it fixed I can't seem to reach a live person

refund request not met

I requested a refund since the item I bought off Wish that I recieved was not as advertised, but the team dealing with my problem have been less than helpful. They sent me a link to a ‘refund request' box that I had already filled in, thus having me going round in circles. Now theh will not reply to my concerns. This much hassle utterly unacceptable. This is really unfortunate considering I was actually going to praise them for how soon the item came since I was expecting it about a month later.

order refunded without request/reason

On 19 November 2017 I ordered a number of items from Wish. The order was sent through and payment of R500 was made, notification received from bank, however, on the morning of 20 November an SMS was received from Wish stating that refund for all items have been processed as per my request. 1st - I did not request a refund at any stage
2nd - Payment has already gone through and Wish says that refund can only be expected in more than 3 weeks.
3rd - No other reason for exchange was provided i.e out of stock items to be refunded.

Not only do I not get ANY of the items I ordered but I also can't DO anything about it because Wish has decided to keep my money, Black Friday ruined!

Thanks WISH!