Wish.comlimited quantity deal

So i did order 35 limited quantity deal to get answer 2-3 days later that unfortunately i did not win the listing on all items. It was ok to try as now i will never do it again. I need wait 2 weeks for refund. Thats all about that great deal. I did make research online to find out more about wish limited deal but it looks like only people who get paid for saying that is true and they get many items almost free. All dollars and pound etc WISH get FROM US... every day they getting mo ney from all countries wish work in, imagine how many milions ... their bank percentage grow our money. They use our money for 2 weeks and then send to us back. This is so easy money for them that they even dont need to sell items anymore. Lets say they make 5% on my £1 = clean 5p a day they own from my one pound for next 2 weeks, thats give £ 0.70p And now count how much they'll have when 1 mln people will pay them a pounda day.
when they
All online big companies make biggest money not from customer happines... just from our money, even when they will need to refund them back to us.
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Sep 30, 2019

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