Window Worldno show on appointment

C Jul 05, 2019

Ernest called and left a message about coming out on Friday, July 5th to put in new windows and patio doors. I called back and verified the Friday appointment with Makayla. At first she was resistant and said my order was not in yet and she could book me on the 13th. I told her that Ernest had just called and said the 5th and asked her to check with him, she came back to the phone and verified Friday was able to be booked. She said someone would call me between 8am and 10am to let me know when they would be there. So I took off work, removed all the blinds, curtains, brackets everything from the windows and at 10am no call, so I called them and they put me on hold and another lady who did not disclose her name just kept apologizing and said all she could do is have a supervisor call me and see if they could squeeze me in. 30 minutes later no call so I called back and Makayla answered and she said she was sorry. So again on hold and she came back and said I can book you for Monday and I explained again. I had already lost one day of work and it was unacceptable, she said she talked to the supervisor and there was nothing he could do. I asked for his name and number but all she gave me was Dave and would only ask him to call. So he called and said nothing he could do about someone else's mistake and they could not do it until Monday. I explained to him that I had taken off work and all my windows and patio doors were completely exposed waiting on them. He offered me $ 50.00 and that was pretty much it. So I have to take another day off and take everything back down again on Monday.

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