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Window World, Inc. is America’s largest replacement window company, offering quality windows, doors, shutters, and siding from 200 locally owned stores nationwide.

Complaints & Reviews

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damages to truck while replacing windows

Windows were replaced at 500 lake marina dr. Nw Orleans 70124. When job was done on 4 story...

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screen door

About 4years ago we had two Windows and a screen door. The screen door was to be customs made-$1000. I could have bought the same door at one of the big box stores. This last summer they brought a new door but not all hardware. It's still in the box on the front porch!! I don't have enough time to get into the Windows. Never received any information on cleaning them. Think we will go to they're showroom and discuss this matter. Just hope there are customers there

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windows, doors and screens

I am very displeased with the work that was done at my house!!!'
This was a rather large project which still has not been completed!!!
As you will read in the attached letter this has been quite the experience!!!
I would like everything fixed and I will not pay another Penney!!!
Hopefully this gets to someone who cares about the workmanship of your company!!!
Thank you,
Joyce Ruhl

windows, doors and screens
windows, doors and screens

  • Updated by Jruhl · Aug 03, 2019


    Very displeases!!!

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new windows

A year and a half ago I replaced my 30 year old windows with new Window World at a substantial cost to me. Some leaked from the time they were installed. After several people came out they still leaked some much worse than before. It was always blamed on something else, the roof, the flashing, the drip edge, the stucco. On one occasion a man came out and went in my attic to check my attic windows, he fell through my ceiling into my walk-in closet, knocked the light fixture down, and scratched my wood floor. He talked to his supervisor on the phone told him what had happened and he was to file a report.

After a month of no light and ceiling in my closet I paid for the repair myself. Still a year and a half later no word from Window World. I have had roofers, flashing people, stucco people come out, all have referred to the windows as the source of the leaking. Recently I had to tear the wall out around a couple of my windows inside to repair rotten wood and sheetrock at a cost to myself of about $4000.00. I am truly afraid to what is happening around the windows that are still leaking. The last repairman they sent out he caulked one window from
the inside which causes the water to go inside the wall. I stopped him from doing any more.

On my order sheet filled out by the salesman it states "HIGH END HOME/STUCCO/TOP INSTALLER". The crew that came to do my installation did not speak English, I had a tough time explaining to them about my cats getting out. They came in my house like bulls in a china closet. After about the 4th or 5th time they sent someone out in an attempt to fix my problems in talking he indicated that the crew that did the installation was new and no longer worked for them.

I could not afford to do this and had to finance my windows at a cost of almost $18, 000. Now it may be necessary to have another company come in and replace these Year and a Half old Windows and fix any damage the leaking windows have caused to my house. I am retired this is causing tremendous stress and a financial burden on me.

Not happy with Window World!

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window seals

My husband and I live in Brown Summit, North Carolina, and purchased a home suited with Window...

Window World verified

window quality

We ordered an entry door and all new windows, including a bow window and a garden window, in...

Window World verified

no show on appointment

Ernest called and left a message about coming out on Friday, July 5th to put in new windows and...

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[Resolved] window installation

WindowWorld Crew arrives on 6/17 to install 30 windows. They begin removing old windows and throwing them on the ground shattering glass everywhere. We requested using tarps to the supervisor and called the Install Manager requesting the same. They used tarps on one side of building but 45 minutes later we check other side and NO TARPS! Glass shattered all over the ground.

We locked all the doors and requested another install crew. We ultimately acquiesced and allowed same crew to finish.

Glass remains in the yard. Scraps from windows remain on the asphalt. Over 10 windows still need attention with bent frames etc.

Most disappointing is ZERO management follow up from WindowWorld.

We have $30, 000 in quotes to install more WindowWorld doors and windows. Those can be tossed in the trash!

Frank Bellavia
Atlanta Georgia

  • Window World's response · Jun 19, 2019

    Hi Frank:

    Please contact Window World Consumer Relations at 866-740-2100. We can help with the lines of communication concerning this matter.

    Once we know the correct franchise location we can contact the ownership concerning this matter so that it can be properly resolved with you.

    Hours are Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm ET.

    Thank you!

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

Window World verified


The finish on the tops of these windows is like swiss cheese. I sent pictures to the local branch and they started asking for "true to size" pics. I have no idea what that is but for $4400.00 dollars, you all can send a rep out here. They didn't, I called corporate office spoke with Marty, said he would handle it, nothing ever came of it.
I asked for a patio and front and side doors, but you can forget any business from me any more. I had to do all the prep work for them, blinds removed, burglar alarms disconnected, window curtains removed, and I was left to put them all back up myself well it has been 4 months and the window dressings are still down. I have carpal tunnel, torn rotator cuff and am 68 years old unable to do it.
5 surveyers called before, during and right after set up. What was the point? They can write any thing down on the phone. Such poor customer service no better than a regular box store rip off.

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new windows

I ordered windows in the beginning of august 2018 and paid half down with the expectation that they would be in stalled the beginning of november. They scheduled for december 6th and then cancelled as they installer for my area quit. Rescheduled for january 10th. When the installer arrived he found out they measured wrong so the windows were too small. Was able to install 2 out of 10 windows. When asked what compensation we would get, we were offered $100.00 off. We ordered windows to be installed before the winter and that does not cover the cost of propane we could have saved. Wishing we would have gone with a different company right now. Was informed that no one will call me to talk to me until after the windows are installed. This is not good business.

Window World verified

window do not lock

I have called Window world to come out and fixed the window that do no lock and they were supposed...

Window World verified


The windows leak air, have been trying to get them fixed for seven years. I have pictures of...

Window World verified

windows / salesperson

purchased a home in a 55 and older community in September 2018. Immedietly started looking for new...

Window World verified

service /unethical behaviour

This has been nothing but a terrible experience. I ordered new 22 windows, front door with side...

Window World verified

poor quality windows; unprofessional installation

This is a review of the Window World in Tucson Arizona [protected]) owned by Chris Lutz at the...

Window World verified

windows world customer service

Windows World of Springfield, Missouri, we have experienced poor customer service from thi...

Window World verified


Ordered Windows from Keith Dotson in Columbus, Ohio. Been fighting with him for two years now...

Window World verified

installation of french doors

In November 2017 Window World came to my house and took measurement for to replace my French Door...

Window World verified

customer service

I got siding installed on my house. The siding install manager took forever to get me scheduled...

install 12 windows - owner luke difulco customer service 2 thumbs down!!!


We were so excited to order new windows through Window World of Alexandria, (Spending over $6, 700) for a quality product with an excellent warranty but supposedly great customer service. Day one the workers showed up at almost noon and replaced 7 of the 12 windows. Left the site with the promise of showing up between 9 and 9:30, its 11:30 of day 2 install and no workers at the house to finish the install. I contacted the owner Luke Difulco. He needs to learn the definition of customer service, because yelling at the customer is not found anywhere in the definition. I contacted corporate headquarters and because Mr. Difulco owns the franchise, the corporate office is willing to contact Mr. Difulco to try and get positive communication going between us and Mr. Difulco. I truly hope that the windows are of such quality that I never have to contact the local franchise. Part of the reason we chose Window World was because of the warranty, but if we have to deal with an owner that YELLS at their customers, I have a feeling after reading many of these other posts that we will be in the same position.

property damage during installation

Hello, I have made a couple of attempts to contact the local Window World representatives, but no...


substandard, non-compliant work on home improvements

It's been a year since I hired them for windows and siding. Soffit and fascia crooked and falling...

customer service

I love my windows and doors and have recommended Window World to anyone asking about installing new...

customer service representative, john gaskins

I have been waiting for my door to get installed for over 2 months. During that time I contacted...

Window World verified

bay window replacement

On March 22, 2017, I purchased a bay window to replace the bay I had. First I was told if I wanted...

windows not energy star

Purchased 9 slider windows fall 2014. Dec 2014 it got below 19 degrees. Ice froze to the glass on...


window installation

The Window World installers damaged both the drywall and exterior stucco finish of my home here in...

[Resolved] windows and garage doors for my rentals in sayre, pa

I've stopped at the Window World in Hughesville on two separate occasions this month to find out...

the caulking used has black mold on all windows

We chose Window World to do our replacement windows because of their reputation. Thirteen window...

windows and storm door

Good Lord where do I begin? I had my windows installed in September 2016. After the men where...

Replacement windows

We had a salesman come to our house in the summer of 2016 to give us a quote. I truly believe when...

storm door install

It has been 15 months since we had our windows and storm door installed. The windows are great. The...

making an appointment but never showing up

Tuesday, August 16 was supposed to be the day a person was to give me an estimate for some window...

Customer Service/Paid for Services not received

Contracted with Window World Roanoke, Va to install windows and siding on home...old siding to be...

window install

Where do I start! The entire project has been horrible. First of all this all started back in...

Window World verified

siding/vent/door installation and customer service

Worst customer service I have ever experienced, ridiculous amount of mistakes and poor...

poor customer service

I had used Window World for a house I owned in 2009 with great results. I recently sold that house...


Don't waste your time with these people. I contracted for installation of windows and paid more...

damages windows

We have a couple windows that are damaged. Since last Fall we call and call and don't get...

lenght of time it takes them to install windows

My brother in law suggested this company in Cincinnati, Ohio. I ordered 2 windows on 9/14/2015 and...