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no sales follow up

I had purchased my windows from Window World a few years ago, and and some problems, but were soon rectified, so when it came to buying doors for my house I called them. They sold the exact same doors and storm doors at Lowe's! But because of the installation and service, I contracted with Window World at a much higher price. ( Lowe's installers had a bad rep ). Well after the order was taken, and half the money paid, it took 3 months to receive them and get them installed. That is with the exception of the front storm door. It came a week later. After it was installed, the installer said another pump needed to be added and he would order it. So after a few days, I did a follow up, and was informed it was not ordered, but it would be ordered and given a priority. I called shorty after that and was told it was on its way and would be installed when it was received. That was 3 weeks ago, and I have not heard a word from them. There customer service sux ! I haven't heard from the sales guy since he wrote the contract. Not even a follow up, you know, like are you satisfied? or are there any other products such as siding or roofing you need? I have a hard time understanding how companies like this can stay in business and sponsor a race team, and Have Kathy Ireland as a rep. I'll get my new roof and siding from a local small company that needs the business !!!

  • Hello Bater... Window World takes customer satisfaction very seriously and is very good at resolving all issues. Please contact your local store directly and they will fix any issues you have.

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  • Ed
    edward ferrari Nov 23, 2012

    I worked for window World, I have three kids and a disabled wife.This is a commission only job! THE management steals the lower level salesman customers and gives them to the higher level salesman.I spoke up and they fired me a week before Thanksgiving !

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  • Ed
    edward ferrari Dec 21, 2012

    I spoke up about management stealing sales (Jeff Williams) he fired me !This was a commission only job!!! Now they wont pay me what they owe me.Nice Christmas gift Window World really cares!!!

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  • Pa
    Patrick Bolin Apr 21, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    they should be shut down and removed from good house keeping seal of approval and bbb too

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bad windows bad service

One window howls from the wind. Another window is foggy between the panes of glass. Seals are broke. Window...

response to amazed one month later

Wow Amazed! It has now been a full month and I still have at least 7 of 13 windows that leak water into my home. From your post on this website(which I find interesting that you monitor since your installation and service is supposed to be so good, I can tell that you wrote your blog at 11:39PM, Friday 12/17/10. This was after you came to my home with your "installer" and inspected the shoddy work and agreed to come back to try to fix the hanging capping, lack of insulation, caulking problems, and so on. However, it was before I sprayed the exterior windows with water only to find that at least 7 of 13 leak!!! Nonetheless, I will answer your questions and respond to your comments that you posted. Here goes:

Q: Why would you choose to go to war with your contractor BEFORE they have actually completed the job, or BEFORE you have exchanged a single word with them?

A: Because your subcontractor capped the windows and finished the trim inside, and left the job...meaning he was done. When I came home on the evening of 12/15 at 7:30 PM to find the exterior capping literally hanging off, not nailed to anything (affixed with caulk), the cold wind blowing into my home (no insulation), and zero sills left, this was too much to bear!!! A sloppy job like that is nearly criminal in my opinion. You literally caused damage!

Q: Why would you threaten and slander them BEFORE extending to them the simple courtesy of a phone call, or request a meeting or explanation of a process that may be raising some questions in your mind?

A: No threats. I did everything I said I was going to do. I filed a BBB complaint (now two), filed with the State Dept. of Consumer Protection, and contacted an attorney. Not threats...promises. And, BTW, I did call when I got home on 12/15, three times to be exact because I was so shocked!!! I did not slander anyone...everything I have posted has been absolutely true, and now one month later documented by building professionals (I have letters to prove it). Your accusing me of slander is by very nature "slander"! And, "raising some questions in your mind"? You are raising more than that! try the hair on my back!

Q: Why would you allow someone to continue to work on your house and not say a word, if you have any doubts or concerns?

A: Great question! I told your contractors to STOP when they started using a saws-all to remove the existing new construction windows. I asked why they were doing that when I was told that I was paying extra ($975) to have the siding around the windows removed or peeled back to access the window. My concerns were responded to with a laugh and a response of "that's not how we do it". I have witnesses to this!!! You, on the other hand, were not there!!!

Q: And, if you don’t like what you are seeing, why would you not simply ask if there might be some possible alternatives?

A: you are supposed to be the WINDOW PROFESSIONALS! You are supposed to be trained and certified (though now I have found out from your national office not for new installation windows!!) And, if you turn over your own contract, it says "Please no critiquing at this time" and "We get nervous when a customer constantly hovers over our shoulder". Hmmmm...wonder why???


Please follow basic civil and decent rules of engagement so that both sides of the story can be heard. Calling the local franchise in the middle of the night and then slamming them before they have a chance to respond doesn't count.

Response: Again...WOW! Basic civil and decent rules of engagement? Wasn't it you and your own installer who came to my home on 1/16/10 at 8AM, unannounced and who began to get in my face on my front lawn? Wasn't it your installer who threatened to "Rip those [censored]ing windows right out of the house!"? Wasn't it your installer who said he would "Take a [censored]ing garden hose to the windows and prove they don't leak!" (I wish he did...he would have seen that they do indeed leak! A lot!!!) And finally, I didn't call in the middle of the night. I called at 7:30 PM, three times, and asked that you please call me back!!! However you did not...you showed up and got in my face so much that my son had 911 dialed up ready to press "send"!!! Civil and decent indeed!!! What planet are you from???


Window World is fully committed to excellent service and customer satisfaction. You don’t become the nation’s largest window replacement company without consistent great service and the number one selling quality window in the country. You just don't.

Response: Don't your read the rest of the posts on this website???? What a joke your last statement is!!! "Excellent service and customer satisfaction"...Is that why I haven't heard from you since your last voicemail on 1/7/11 stating that you were working on a solution and you would call me back on 1/10/11 but I still haven't heard from you!!!???!!! :upset

condensation on the inside glass

We bought 13 windows that were the 4000 Series with Low E & Argon from Window World in Davenport IA on...

unhappy customer all the way around

I'm having issues with the Toledo office and our windows. I wish I would have seen this complaint thread...

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won't return call

have been trying to contact window world of cheetowaga, NY (buffalo area) for 3 weeks to GIVE THEM MONEY for three separate jobs and can not get a call back! it is apparent that they are totally inept and if you are expecting any form of communication with a company you deal with, they are certainly not the right choice.

going to try a different company today and see if i get somewhere but my dealing with buffalo area companies has been less then stellar. think too many hot wings at night and can't move in the A.M

damage to my alarm system

I had WW replace 24 windows on my home in Metairie, La on Wed. Sept 22, 2010. The gentlemen who installed my...

one big headache

Murray Davis came to our home Sat June 12th to demonstrate windows. We told him we put off replacing the windows for several years because we were concerned that our inside moldings would be harmed. He said it could be an outside install. Tues. June 15th he and his installer came to discuss it being an outside install and measured thewindows and we signed a contract on June 15 and paid our ½ deposit. He called his office while at my home and told them to order my windows that day. However, for some reason the windows were not ordered until June 28th - 2 week delay from the date of purchase order.

The installers finally arrived July 27th. That morning they found that two of the windows were manufactured incorrectly, 3 errors on 2 windows. Both were the wrong size and one did not have the grill. This should have been caught at the factory or at the time of delivery atWindow World. Not the day of installation. We told the installer that the house is not level, therefore, install the windows level to the world not level with the house. After installing 5 windows, we noticed that the sash was very crooked inside of their own frames. Murray Davis arrived and we pointed that out to him. Murray called Jim, from corporate, and scheduled him to come July 29th for his advise on the situation. Jim said thewindows were not measured correctly and that to make them fit, our house's wood frame would need to be dug out. We asked at that time, why not just remeasure the windows as Jim demonstrated with the proper technique since these windows were measured wrong from the start. We asked Murray Davis for some sort of financial compensation for the aggravation. He said he wasn't making any money because he had to pay his installers twice.

Sat July 31st, installers came back to properly install windows. They made it a point to tell us that they were installing on their time, contrary to what Murray stated and that they were not getting paid for their time.

We called Tues Aug 10th to check on the 2 window reorders to see how much longer we had to wait. Murray said they came in Aug 9th but would not be installed until Aug 20th. Murray claimed the weather held them up and an old lady that could not move her furniture was before us. We then questioned if people getting installs before us had signed their contracts before our date of June 15th, he claimed he did not know.

Aug 20th the window installers were to arrive at 7am to install the windows that had been re-ordered. At 9:05am, contact was made with the Alexandria office. She told us at that time one of the 2 reorders was again not the correct size.

Our home is in disarray since July 26th since furniture has to be away from the windows and we are tired of moving it. I removed the blinds from 2 windows twice, and will have to remove them again a third time. I have to replace inner moldings since the installers threw some of mine in the trash and hauled them away, one of our original concerns which prompted the outside installs idea.

We mailed a certified letter to the Window World President, N. Wilkesboro, NC, Blaire Ingle, stating all of our complaints and never received a response from him.

Installers arrived to finally install the last 2 windows Sept. 7th. One of the installers said he spoke to the corporate office about my letter. He said he did not throw away any of my molding, but I still have not found them on my property. He also cleaned the last 2 windows and left me a can of window cleaner. He states that after his talk with corporate, that he and the company are satisfied that that the matter is settled. And I did not receive any financialcompensation or even an apology from any level of the company.Angel7602

  • Ri
    riderman Feb 05, 2012

    WW claims over 200 hundred thousand windows installed in Virginia Beach and only this complaint. Not to shabby I'd say. Even with 100 complaints such as this compared to 200 thousand installs...Eat your heart out competitors. Not bad for so called "junk" Alside manufactured Excaliber and Shefield windows.

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company has liens

Window World of Jacksonville, Inc. stiffed us. The father-son owners promised to make good. They never did. We hired an attorney and he found out that this company has terrible credit, including several court-ordered liens. We cut our losses and moved on. Never do business with this company. They are bad guys. Sloppy, unprofessional, unorganized, rude and unethical. I would never recommend or hire them.

  • Wi
    Window World of Jacksonville Nov 30, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It’s easy to slander someone when there is no name or face, and the reason they didn't put their name was they knew opening themselves up for slander. It seems odd that they hired a lawyer to only check Window World of Jacksonville's credit rating. As to the liens, if you were to go to http://www.duvalclerk.com/oncoreweb, you can search for the liens against Window World of Jacksonville, and you don’t even have to hire a lawyer.

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refuse to show up

I bought a new house in November 2009 which had new windows recently installed by Window World. In April 2010...

poor installation

I had 9 windows replaced with Window World in Denver/Centennial. The windows where good, however the installation was the worst I ever had for any home improvement project. The windows where put in crooked, so they wouldn't lock or slide, he drilled holes into the bottom of the window not into the sides to attach them to the frame, the trim finish was all caulk, the installer's knife gut a gash into my new counter top, which he claimed he did not do, installer left broken glass on the outside of my house... it goes on and on. Over the course of a month they sent over another installer to correct the mess the 1st guy made. Eventually the windows operated. However I am concerned that they are just caulked in and as that dries and weathers, it tends to crack and let in moisture and air. I guess you get what you pay for. It all comes down to the quality of the installer.

  • Ji
    jimbo64 Mar 14, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I find it funny reading all these complaints about window world of boston they advertise the lowest prices in the industry this is what you get. Drafty windows no service and so on. I had 2 friends of mine that worked for window world of boston they would joke and laugh about how bad there installers were they are known to pay thier installers the lowest pay these are subs that can get work anywhere else. Remember the old adage if the price sounds to good to be true it probably is...

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  • St
    steve2121 Mar 26, 2011

    I do work for Window World in central PA and our installers earn great livings because we do incredible volume. Window World does so by creating massive buying power and being a company with a transerable lifetime warranty. Full coverage! Because we manufacture our own windows, not just go to a lumber yard to buy one like any contractor has to which results in a manufacturers limited warranty. I find it questionable who those 2 "installers" were simply because I've been with the largest window replacement company for 4.5 years and know how the operate. Our installers love their work because they know they install great quality. And the company knows they do so at incredibly great pricing. I love their slogan of "simply the best for less!"

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  • Ji
    jimbo64 Mar 29, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    simply not true sounds like your more a salesman but if you make a statement first you should get your information right window world does not manufacture their own windows they buy the windows from alside (applied materials) it is the excalibur line which is the 2nd lowest quality line alside manufactures if you go to the nfrc website you will not window world listed most states have adopted the nfrc not only that but to qualify for any tax credit you needed to have an nfrc rated window so you dont make your own window and lastly window world sells franchises like subway does each one is individually owned and operated so they are misleading when they say they are a large window company their installers are paid the lowest rates in the industry these are subs that are not very good and usually not very expienced otherwise they would go to work for a company that would pay them more maybe where they could be employees instead of subs and get benifits even the sales reps at window world are subs paid on a 1099 which means window world does not pay any fica or medicare tax low prices equals low quality

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  • Br
    brady2011 Dec 13, 2011

    I worked at Window World Boston Eric Peabody was the store manager and he is now higher up in management.. which is funny considering he is such an arrogant lying ###...who has his office girls do his dirty work for him because he constantly makes promises he never intends upon keeping... he lied from the start and continues to do so... all while claiming to me a man of GOD... what a joke...

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  • Ju
    justsaying0205 May 15, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I do have to disagree Brady2011. I have worked with Eric for a couple of years and I have sen him be nothing but fair to the people that worked for him. I do believe that he has made his way up through management with hard work and dedication. Not theses so called lies that you talk about. In the few years I've have worked with him never seen him ask his office girls to do his "dirty work" or made promises that he has never kept. In fact I have seen him go above and beyond for his employees and do what ever he can for them.

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  • Ay
    aylene Sep 18, 2013

    I am having the same experiance...what a disaster. The screw holes in the bottom of the sills allow water to pour into the walls below.

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great price - low quality windows and installation problems

We had Window World install windows with argon gas for our entire home. We have had problems with the window...

quality of product

I am bringing this to the consumer first. If you bought a product that came custom made for your home, and when the product was ready to be installed, it was found to be wrong. Now, instead of correcting it the proper way, the company just told the installers to "cut it and make it work". Would you still want that product in your home? (Me personaly, no way. I want them done right, for the money im spending) I have installed a lot of windows for this company thru out cincinnati and northern kentucky that were not measured correctly, instead of re-ordering them, was told to cut the window on site (Out of sight of the homeowner) and make it fit. Some were cut so much they barely stayed together. Now my question to you the homeowner would be.

Would you want to know if your windows were re-cut (Rough cut at you home) before installing them? So you can have them come and redo them correctly.

awful service

They start with untruthful advertising practices, then move on to not doing background checks on there installers, then denying it. Then after almost 6 months of return trips with either the wrong size, not tempered, not designed right they call today to bring the window again, 7th try. I had called in to the company after the initial install, because my one of my family members that works at the correctional facility, new 2 of the installers. They had been in my bathroom and after finding this information out, I checked my Medicine chest and sure enough about a 1/2 of bottle of prescription medicine was gone. I contacted their office and the they really never addressed my complaint. But the kicker is when I asked to speak to someone before final payment, he offered me 100 dollars, I said no way, and he said he would see me in court, I hung up, he called me back and said he would be here tommorrow to finish, I hung up!!!

poor service

I had 14 windows installed last spring by window world, everyone is drafty. The workmanship of the installation was piss poor.So far after 2 calls they have done nothing.I would not recommend window world to anyone. The inside trim joints do not fit right, and they banged up the trim on installation.Cold air comes in all around every window.Outside trim is very sloppy and unprofessional.A three window unit in front of the house is trimed out in metal, and is the worst looking mess you ever saw. The installer Mike Morgan is supposed to have 20 years experience. I must have been building dog houses.

  • Pm
    PMydlarz Feb 27, 2010

    Hello, we used the office in Toledo and the workmanship and quality has been as bad as I have had in my life. We had a bow replacement window, storm door and metal front door installed TWO yrs ago. The have been back a dozen times. First they took out our bow window, unloaded the new one, when they took it out of the box, it was the wrong window. They never even checked to see if it was the right color quite obvious no quality control. The had to temporarily put it the new window and because of the gaps, we ended up having mice that we had to catch. Two months later, they brought the correct window, after coming back three times, they finally got it installed correctly, altho with the bad cold below freezing winter we had last yr, we ended up with frost on the window. The said because it was a bow and stuck out so far the updraft from the wind froze the window (according to the main factory). Next we purchased a screen door, and metal insulated front door. They installed the handles backwards on the storm door and the front door was crooked. The came out again, fixed the handle on the storm door, then replaced the front door. After replacing the front door it left a 1 inch gap between the door frame and hinges. They sent a factory rep from the door company said nothing they could do. I complained again, they sent us a whole new door & frame, when they installed it, the hinges were were defective and we couldnt lock the storm door because they had to add extra wood from the damage of removing the door. In addition they told me they would insulate around the door and window. My wife was home during installation and no insulation was added. I would never recommend Window World to anyone and my wife is pissed I even chose them as a contractor. I have called the office in Toledo and they have not returned my call, even tho he says on his phone message "you will be surprised how quickly I will return your call!" I think they are tired of hearing from us. You are probably better off going to Lowes and have them install as I have better luck from them or a good local contractor that we use. Stay away from Window World

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  • We
    Wen313 Dec 08, 2010

    I'm currently having issues with the Toledo office and our windows. I wish I would have seen this complaint before we suggested Window World to our landlord and had him replace 4 of our windows upstairs this past fall. We live in a 111 year old farmhouse. It's rental property, but the house is not a falling down dump like some rentals seem to be. It wasn't a cheap home when it was originally built. We're out in the country in the middle of a 90 acre corn field and the winter winds here can be brutal. One of the windows (the larger of the 4, and the one that cost the most because by code it had to be tempered glass ~ which the landlord had to pay $65 extra for) leaks quite badly. (All 4 windows leak, but the larger of the 4 is worse than the others.) ~ The top of the window doesn't latch and drops about 1/2 an inch when you lower and latch the bottom half of the window. There are air leaks between the two windows up near the lock mechanism and air leaks in the framework around the caps on the sides and at the tops. One of the smaller windows has a visual flaw that indicates that the window is either defective or not installed properly. (It's crooked, see pic below. If you look closely at the white horizontal line across the top, you can see that the right side is higher than the left.) ~ I've called the installers out twice since the initial install to diagnose the problems. (I can't remember the guys name, but he's not hard to see coming. He drives the old ABC Seamless Siding truck and he walks with a limp due to having bad knees.) ~ All he's been able to do for us is make one excuse right after another. "That's typical for all windows", "it probably just needs caulk" (He did squirt some caulk in the larger window once where they claimed they detected a pin hole ~ but that didn't do any good) and my all time favorite "Well, since your landlord didn't pay extra money to have the aluminum capping redone on the outside, of course they're going to leak." ~ Hmmm.. That's funny! We had two other windows installed by a private contractor in another room upstairs about a year and a half ago. He didn't replace the capping and those windows are fine. While I'm on the subject of those windows (the ones the private contractor installed) it wouldn't hurt to add here that our Window World installer asked me why we weren't having that rooms windows replaced. I explained to him that they were just done a year ago. He asked me who did them, to which I replied "I'm not sure. My landlord hired him and I don't know who he was." He then asked me if he could take a look at them. I said "sure, go ahead." ~ He pulled the curtains back, took one look at them and said "Wow, I hope your landlord didn't pay too much money for these. They're junk and I'm not just saying that because I work for Window World. You'll get 5 good years out of these if you're lucky" ~ WTF?! They're a hell of a lot better than the POS windows he installed. Another thing I noticed is that Window World did not use/stuff fiberglass insulation strips in between the window frame and the window itself before they put the woodwork strips back around the window. When I asked them why, they told me that their windows have a foam rubber pad on them that keeps them from having to go to such measures. When they installed the larger of the 4 windows, it appeared to be such a tight fit (maybe because it was measured incorrectly?) that the foam rubber pad caught the wood, and curled and rolled up as it was being put into the hole. Our upstairs is so cold that when you get half way up the steps, it feels like there's a window open somewhere. What a joke this company is. We're expecting some pretty nasty winter weather in the next few days with temps in the teens, snow, and high winds. Our kids are going to have to sleep downstairs on the couch to keep from freezing to death in their own bedrooms. I'm going to call Window World yet again this morning and demand to speak to someone in charge to state my complaints. If need be, they can either come out here and see for themselves what kind of crap they peddled off on us, or they can send another installer out here to give me a second opinion. Not that I expect to get restitution. One way or another, I want the problem fixed! Pretty bad when you have to consider hanging plastic over windows that are only 2 months old to keep my heat bills from skyrocketing!

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  • We
    Wen313 Dec 08, 2010

    Not sure what happened, but apparently my photo didn't upload to the message board. Sorry about that. :-(

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  • We
    Wen313 Dec 08, 2010

    Trying again with the picture upload.. If this doesn't work, I apologize in advance.

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  • We
    Wen313 Dec 08, 2010

    UPDATE: The Window World regional manager (Bill McConnell) came out this afternoon and confirmed that there were some unacceptable air leaks in our windows. He's making us an appointment with a different crewman to come out in the next couple of days to run some silicone sealant behind the wood trim and stuff some extra insulation between all 4 windows and their frameworks. He said that if that doesn't take care of the problem, then he'll order for the windows to be removed, remeasured, and replaced if need be. I'm hoping that we wont have to go to that extreme, but I'm loving the fact that he's willing to do whatever he has to do to get the problem fixed. He takes care of the whole Toledo, Detroit, Findlay, Pittsburg, Steubenville, and Youngstown areas. I strongly encourage anyone else in these areas that may be having problems with their windows, to give him a call. The cell phone # listed on the business card that he gave me is as follows. (419) 466-4410 ~ He seems like a fair and honest guy. He did mention that he will be calling a meeting with the installers that put our windows in to talk to them about the mistakes they made and to let them know that the excuses they're giving his customers were not acceptable by his standards.
    A simple adjustment (made by Bill this afternoon) fixed some of my issues and he said in regards to the spacing issue seen in my photo above that it is normal for the windows to "sag" and be a little uneven here and there to allow/compensate for imperfections in the framing, or the hole in the wall that the window sits in. (Normal settling over time of any home will sometimes cause uneven squaring of the opening.) ~ He made note and checked that all the locking mechanisms were lining up and working properly and assured me that as long as they were and as long as there aren't any air leaks between the two windows where the two pieces of weather stripping meet, then it's nothing to be concerned about. With all due respect, that doesn't seem to be a factor for us. *thumbs up* .. An explanation from the regional manager as opposed to an excuse like "Well, that's typical" from the installer makes me feel a lot better about the flaw and as long as it doesn't create a problem later on down the road, I'm happy with that. Even if it does, I've been assured that the windows are covered under a lifetime warranty and in the event I run into a problem, all I have to do is give Bill (or whomever may be filling his shoes) a call. He was very helpful today. I am anxious to see what kind of magic his other crewman (Terry, I guess is his name?) can work with the air leaks we currently have on our hands. I have a notion that it can't possibly be any worse than it is and that anything he can do for us will offer up some definite improvement. I hope this post has proven helpful and given those of you who may have lost hope of getting your troubles resolved, if nothing else, a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel. Best wishes and good luck.. Be well.

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won't honor lifetime warranty

After having multiple problems with the windows. I called the original (installing) Window World but the...

unprofessional service

I had 5 windows installed. I would say that they turned out good however they seemed to rush through the job to get it done. There are many reasons why I'm posting this complaint. First of all, they arrived and the worker took a massive dump in my bathroom, without asking me if he could use it. Then, the other guy went into my garage and started cutting wood up with my miter saw, again without asking me. I was amazed. Then, he drops a window on my hardwood floor. After an inspection, everything was fine but still.. he dropped a window. He was on the phone while capping my windows complaining about some job he didn't want to do. And to top it all off, they left their lunch wrappers along my drive way. Absolutly disgusted, I should have done my research on this company. I guess it could be worst, they windows did turn out alright.

terrible workmanship

Had them replace 8 sunroom windows. 3 of them would not close or lock. Still dealing over that. The allumniun...

worst service ever

Window World windows are made by another company.They do not have their own manufacturing plant. There is nothing wrong with the windows themselves...it is the independent installers that make the problems. These guys are the bottom of the bucket when it comes to workmanship. All they want is their money and to get out as soon as possible. I have Window World windows that have been installed and removed and reinstalled 2 times so far and are still not finished. They will not pass the code inspection and will need to be completely removed again and reinstalled. Beware of the sales pitch and contact your local inspector yourself before they seal up all the windows so that he can come see how they really are installed. Don't let the installers get away with making you think that you can't get a better job. If it doesn't look right to you...it probably isn't right and you won't know it until it's too late...after they have your money !!!

  • Lu
    lucywu Nov 02, 2009

    What do you people expect? This is an important home improvement. You wouldn't buy clothes & furniture at KMart, why would you ever buy windows there? The product is as cheap as you can find in the world...HELLO

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  • Mr
    Mr. Eastblock Dec 03, 2009

    Window World sends out salespeople, not the installer to measure the windows. Some of the salespeople have little to no knowledge of construction and make promises to customers that can't be kept.

    The installers sometimes find that the windows have been measured incorrectly and have to make them fit by any means possible. This can be quite time consuming and because they pay by the window and not by the hour the quality of the installation is compromised.

    Because Window Worlds prices are so low and they need to make a profit they cut costs somewhere. Most likely by cutting labor costs.
    Because they pay very little they cannot get or keep quality installers. You get what you pay for.

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  • Jj
    jjohnsice Dec 20, 2010

    amen, the worst installation ever... i called their office and told them i was unhappy with the installation, and to noty run my credit card untill the work was satisfactory, they ran it anyway, and then it was one excuse after antoher..

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  • Je
    jennifermalone May 17, 2011

    the installers are being ### ust like the customers they have to muy all the materials not window world installers only get ten dollars a window my husband works there

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horrible service

I went through Window World to get my windows done. First they send a nice sales guy to sucker you in...

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