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should have done my homework and just went and paid cash for a stove. Im leasing one and now i regret ever getting into this agreement. I will be paying probably almost triple the amount that its really worth. Unbelievable as too why they would even have a program like this is you are just wasting money on leasing and never owning it until you pay it off. Unbelievable never again and i will never recommend anyone to do this program ever.i wish there was a way to sue them.


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      Jul 13, 2019

    Leasing has been around for decades before whynotleaseit. These programs are not new, and from what I've been told by previous customers this program is better then most leasing companies. I do see scenarios where leasing with whynotleaseit could be a better option. When a customer only temporarily needs an item(less than 5 months), when an item is on a massive sale and the payments plus buyout is less then the regular price, when a customer simply doesn't have all the money up front but needs something right away a has no other options, or when a customer isn't sure if they want to buy something and wants to try it out before committing are all possibilities that make whynotleaseit a better option then buying out right. However if you needed the item permanently, it wasn't on sale, you knew it was exactly what you wanted, and you had the money available right away then whynotleaseit is not something you should be looking into.

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