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Complaints & Reviews

unfulfilled order

I ordered a few Christmas gifts December 10th. I was approved and they took $60 down payment despite advertisement from Sears stating $30 down payment if ordered online. False advertising!

They didn't notify Sears of the lease agreement. I contacted Sears and whynotleaseit several times trying to get one of them to contact the other to get the order fixed. They refused.

Whynotleaseit changed their story several times claiming I had to give them between 24 and 72 hours for Sears to fix it. This is my third lease and my wife has done a lease before also. We never had to wait. It's always been instant. Sears has no order # or knowledge of the order.

I am submitting the $60 charge as fraud to my bank!

  • Bo
    BobbieArnot Jan 10, 2020

    I have pretty much the same problem as some of you. I started this lease/purchase 12/02/2018 a $600 television, I have now paid over$2500! I setup the purchase payout in April, they didn't do it. I also sis it 2 more times and nothing. I have set many email off their site and all but 2 were deleted, calling is a joke they blame Kmart and Kmart blames them. this is the worse company I have ever dealt with. I am in contact with my lawyers who will be handling this now. This is not fair for companies to practice this kind of business. I could have had a better deal from a loan shark!!

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I missed one payment that had not been paid and checked my account they claimed I missed several. Took an UNAUTHORIZED extra 90 over 4 weeks and refused refund. I have called to schedule the payment everytime I have answered them no one is on the other line or have been disconnected and wont hear back from them for several weeks. I asked for a refund because I did not authorize the payment to be taken and she said "well since you wouldnt fix it we had to take it some way what do you expect"

would also like to be notified of lawsuit, ripping me off to

This company is not the best ive delt with, i Have had nermerous issues with them taking moving from my bank account, i authorized the payment, but then they would pull other amounts from my account also, i have 5 children i dont have an assload of money in the bank, just enough to pay my bills, so when they take more it puts my bank in the negative and i get a fee there too. so i went in and changed my info So it comes out of a different account, cant overdraw that account and they are still taking money out of my account, changing my infor should mean I am no longer authorizing u to touch that account!!! But they did anyways. I want out from under this lease, sucks to have paid so much just to let them have it back, but im not paying another penny. I've told my bank to stop payment through them. They can come get it, the pools still in my back yard covered in snow!! Buyers beware, u will pay 3 times the value of the ite..

  • Km
    Kmart 9459 Dec 02, 2019

    Changing your information doesn't deauthorize the original agreement. The original agreement authorized indefinite lease payments until terminated by the client through either voluntary repossession or buyout. You should have read your contract. Having a bunch of kids and barely having enough money to get by is not a good excuse to renege on you contractual obligations, though having a bunch of kids and barely having enough money to get by should have been a sign that maybe you shouldn't be making frivolous purchases you cant afford without getting it through credit.

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the whole company

This has to be the worst company i have ever encountered. i purchased a tv through them and later got an email from k-mart that the product i ordered was not available and they were changing it to a refurbished model. For the kind of money i wanted a brand new set so i cancelled the order. i called Why not lease it that day to cancel and was told 3 business days for a refund. 3 days later nothing so i called again and again and again. I spoke with supposed supervisors and was promised it would handled that day still nothing 2 weeks later still trying to get it cancelled before they charge my card again. i use this company in the past like 8 years ago and did not have any issues needless to say i will not be using or recommending ever again

washer and dryer

Hi, I am also interested in a class action suit. Through Sears I was talked into a lease for a washer and dryer that I had planned to buy outright. I was told that it would be 11 addition payments on top of the payment I made in store that day back in April of 2018. The gentle explained the 30, 60, and 90 day buy out, but never mentioned the 5 period. I was told at the end of my 11 payments the washer and dryer would be paid in full. My purchase cost was to be a little over $1300.00 and in total I have paid them $2871.40. When I first realized this and called them in the beginning of September 2019, the first man I spoke to just kept apologizing and when I said again I want money refunded to me in a very humorous manor he told me that he could tell me that it would not happen. I have called and spoke with at least 5 different people since then. I also went into the Sears and the manager there contacted them on my behalf. I was offer to be done with the lease and be waved the $512.00 that they said I still owed. I told them I planned on filing a complaint with the BBB and things started to change. I was offer a 5 payment refund. My payments were $102 and change before they then sent me to there customer experience department that you can only leave a message at and hope that they get back to you within 24 hours like they state. It has been a month. After calling again last night and telling them I am going to look into this more the woman went from releasing 5 to 6 payments back to my account immediately. When I told her that a lawyer friend (non-practicing) said to file a complaint and call the media I was told that she could no longer work with me unless I provide said friends name and contact information. I never said I had legal representation. It is to point now that yes I want my money back, but more so it is not right that they keep getting away with this. Everywhere I look people are saying the same thing about this company, that also goes by Tempoe. Please feel free to contact me and put me down for any legal action

  • Km
    Kmart 9459 Oct 04, 2019

    This has already been looked into and has been found to be an unwinnable case for prosecution. Unfortunately or anyone who claims to have been misled has been deemed unable to prove and the original printed and signec contracts is upheld. It was in the news a couple of years ago if you don't believe, granted it was the liberal ABC NEWS out of New York but I don't think they faked that story cause Trump has nothing to do with it.

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over charging

I haven't checked my credit card statement in a while for details. I recently saw a $179.81 charge for why not lease it, I was supposed to be done payments 3/2019, this was August now. I immediately canceled my card, called why not lease it just to be on hold forever. I'm calling Capitol one later. I get an email from why not lease it saying I have a payment coming up, UM, NO THE [censored] I DONT! I'm not giving them another dime. Stay away, and shame on Sears for misleading. It's no wonder they are closing stores left and right.

  • Km
    Kmart 9459 Sep 10, 2019

    Here's another idiot who doesn't understand how leases work and signed a contract they didn't understand but signed anyways. The only reason sears is failing is because they offer deals and options that their customers don't understand and don't use the right way. Then they get upset cause they didn't properly understand the offers or options and instead of blaming their own stupidity they blame someone else. If sears is at fault for anything its offering deals and offers to a generation of idiots who aren't ready for it. This is a time when discrimination is a good thing. If the customer looks poor they shouldn't offer then the option to enter into a lease, since chances are the reason they are poor is because they are stupid democrats on welfare and food stamps.

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  • Le
    Leondra Wynn-Howell Sep 17, 2019

    Actually both Sears and Why Not Lease it are totally at fault, they are both also guilty and in violation of the Federal Truth in Lending Act or TILA for short. Any company that leases or loans merchandise to their customers must disclose all interest payments and loan details in full. Sears is in violation because they allow Sears Employees to execute these agreements when they barely understand the agreements themselves and they often don't disclose all the information to the customers pertaining to those agreements. Why not lease it is in violation because they are supposed to have an employee on-site to go over the full terms of the lease, they don't. My suggestion to you is to file a complaint with your states attorney generals office as well as your local congressperson. Their practices are basically loan sharking at it's finest.

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  • Km
    Kmart 9459 Sep 24, 2019

    @Leondra Wynn-Howell Wrong they do disclose all information in the written document that the customer has to agree to before the lease can be performed. The register will not allow a cashier to process the lease until after they hit the agree key on the pinpad, the problem is no one read the document before hitting agree that automatically prints from the register at the time of the lease. Wouldn't matter if they did read it or not cause these customers are so stupid that if the document is read to them by a lawyer who even goes into greater detail of how the lease works as they read it to the customer, they still won't understand it. I will grant you that even the sears employees don't understand how these leases work, but ultimately they don't have to since all information pertaining to the lease is disclosed in the written document. WhyNotLeaseIt or any other leasing or loan company is required to have on-site employees, technically anyone and everyone can process a lease or loan. If I wanted to lease my neighbors motorcycle I can submit my application directly to the person who approves the loans or leases. No on-site employee required, though I wouldn't recommend someone who doesn't have a good understanding of finances not to go through an agent or broker.

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  • Km
    Kmart 9459 Sep 24, 2019

    @Kmart 9459 Are not required to have on-site employees

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kitchen table and chairs

This company is a rip off I ordered a table and chair set from Kmart. Then I see this company wants to charge $200 more than it's worth. Canceled the same day which was on July 30th still fighting to get my $120 back And it is now August 7th. I asked to talk to a supervisor every time they are on the phone so they put me on hold for 10 minutes and I end up not talking to one buyer beware

washer and dryer/ customer service

Since day one it's but nothing but problems. Customer service and the way they don't explain payments. Then one payment left and they sent it off to collection agency. Now instead of owing $200 we now owe $1000. I am not happy with this company and will never recommend or use them again. Not to mention the reps don't even know what to do or say and always put you on hold.


should have done my homework and just went and paid cash for a stove. Im leasing one and now i regret ever getting into this agreement. I will be paying probably almost triple the amount that its really worth. Unbelievable as too why they would even have a program like this is you are just wasting money on leasing and never owning it until you pay it off. Unbelievable never again and i will never recommend anyone to do this program ever.i wish there was a way to sue them.

  • Km
    Kmart 9459 Jul 13, 2019

    Leasing has been around for decades before whynotleaseit. These programs are not new, and from what I've been told by previous customers this program is better then most leasing companies. I do see scenarios where leasing with whynotleaseit could be a better option. When a customer only temporarily needs an item(less than 5 months), when an item is on a massive sale and the payments plus buyout is less then the regular price, when a customer simply doesn't have all the money up front but needs something right away a has no other options, or when a customer isn't sure if they want to buy something and wants to try it out before committing are all possibilities that make whynotleaseit a better option then buying out right. However if you needed the item permanently, it wasn't on sale, you knew it was exactly what you wanted, and you had the money available right away then whynotleaseit is not something you should be looking into.

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monthly payments

We have it set up every month on auto pay. They tell me every month that my payment was declined and yet magically it processes the very next day. So with this the company takes out an additional $20.00 every month. I have called numerous times and all I get is " well that's our policy, when a payment is declined" and every month I have to tell them look on your computer because this happens every single month. Once this is paid I will never use them again.

television, fireplace/tv stand, surround sound stereo system

I purchased the product in 2012. I had a $800 credit & I paid faithfully every month. I was told that if I paid it off within a certain time that would be all. So I paid it off well I thought I did. I check my credit report & they are saying I owe $755 for that. I received a letter 2 weeks ago & they put it on my credit report in May 2019.So this why not lease is a scam & I thought I was finished paying because I never heard anything from them. The last conversation I had in 2013 was they was gonna send me out a letter stating I owned the merchandise never heard until now. Is there a way I can get this resolved because no one picks up the phone

items not received | cancelled items and still charged $1300...

I arranged to have items picked up at a local Sears Outlet for furniture. I cancelled the items and was still charged for approximately $1300. I contacted the Sears to cancel the items and I contacted Why Not Lease It to cancel the items. I have an email from last year saying that the items were cancelled and still at the Sears Outlet and no response. So now I am out $1300 and attempting to get a refund for items that were not "returned" not "bought out", but instead were cancelled and due to lack of communication I was being charged on my credit card $280 a month and had to freeze my card because no one would cancel the items. I am simply confused as to why this situation needs any resolution other than refund me my money because I never had possession of the items. Sears had possession of my items and still does and apparently collecting money for items that will be re-leased or sold brand new is not only unfair by fraudulent. Please refund my money!

repeatedly going into my account after lease is paid

I purchased 2 leases from why not lease it.
Everything was fine I put in for my buyout
Which seemed to be ok. Then all of a sudden
They kept going into my checking account
For the lease payment! I spoke to them they assured me they would not do it again! Then
Boom they were in my account again they did
It do much my bank chase flagged them for fraud! They assured me they would resolve the matter I said great never herd from them
They sent my lease to
A collection agency even though they were paid. They lie tell you anything sound real nice and keep screw you.


We paid 9 months on payments on $1600. 2 payments shy of our buyout, "they had a ‘problem' with the payment." I called to resolve the issue. Since both my husband and I were on the loan, and I had been making all the payments, right, you would think there wouldn't be a problem. Wrong. I had been paying on an account that didn't have my name on it! And now That I was trying to resume payments out of MY checking account they "didn't want to talk to me" or take my payment. This was in 2016. Now they are attempting to collect $2200. No, thank you. You refused payment. I see as the debt is cleared.

  • Km
    Kmart 9459 Jun 09, 2019

    This was a lease not a loan, and whynotleaseit doesn't do leases in two people's name. There is no chance you were on the lease their isn't even a spot on the application for the lease to allow a second person. This lease is your husband's responsiblity. He should have handled it from the get go instead of making you take care of the payments. Tell your husband to be a man and take care of his responsibility.

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loan agreement

This is the worst company I have ever came in contact with. I can't believe Sears is affiliated with these scammers! I had a lease with the of $755 with a monthly payment of $140 of 5 months was my understanding but that is so not tuuhe case. After paying $680 after 5 months that's when the troubles began. After the 5 months of paying $140 then you request a payout which is now $415 or continue to make a payment of $132 until 7/2020. This company is full of it. I could have bought 3 stoves after all of this!! I am so angry. They really need to shut this business down!!

dryer lease

I went to Sears to get a dryer since I recently moved, and picked one out that was about $440. By the time I'm done paying it off, I will have paid about $1300. I was told that I had either a 3 month or 5 month period to pay it off, but was never informed that 1.) I had to manually set up a payment plan with, guess what, more monthly payments, and 2.) That it wouldn't go through on 2 separate occasions. I set it up after the initial payment period, and thought it was done, after a payment went through I noticed it was after the final payment should've went through. I set it up again and the EXACT SAME THING HAPPENED. After the third time it FINALLY went through I still have to pay 3 payments of about $75, the same as my monthly payments before. 100% getting several hundred back after this. NEVER USE THIS COMPANY. I was told I would own it after the 5 month plan was up and that was it. Straight up FRAUD.


Went to sears on 07/18/2018 was told we can lease to own a riding lawnmower 4 payment of $314.05 for a total payout of $1, 316.20. Now being a family of 10 and being on a fix...

washer and dryer

I bought a washer and dryer through the program. I was told that once I made six payments it would be paid for. I was not told that I would have the option of buying it. I though...

leasing a pool

I leased a pool like 2 years ago, paid all my payments, was told that I could buy out the last payment or I could finish with biweekly pymnts. I chose to make 3 $91 payments, and that's after 6 months of $59 biweekly payments. Gave them my card number and all info they asked for. They kept calling me about my payments not going thru, called the bank, was told they never tried taking it out, now tempoe are charging me 786 more for a $450 pool. This company is not a good company

leasing of fridge

When I went to purchase a fridge from this company I was told I would pay a total of 8 payments and the item would be mine. I was lied to. 18 payments and I have to pay a additional 600. For a fridge that cost 900. It ended up being over 2k. I get constant calls for the survey, even if I do the survey they call back 10 mins later. Take payments when they want and in the amount they want. Today was supposed to be a payment of 101. They took 270.

  • Ri
    Ricanman Apr 10, 2019

    Came into Sears Outlet in order to save some money. Found a couple Refrigerators that we both agreed upon. After a lengthy wait for customer assistance we moved forward towards a purchase. The rep was constantly being interrupted being called to assist others and we ended up with a Assist Mgr helping us out as well as the original Salesperson. The information about WhyNotLeaseit was vague at best as I was told this was an alternative way to purchase and since I have had experience with other retailers we thought it made sense. She represented total lies about the process, we understood we were buying the product not leasing it for 18months w/o ownership, paying double for the product. After successfully paying off the refrigerator in 18 months and on time we were informed we had an additional buyout of nearly $800.00. At "No Time" would I have agreed to this type of "bullshit purchase". This is just bad business practices, period!!! When I called to speak with a Rep looking to do a buyout they gave us some nonsense price as if we had not paid on the product at all. I felt I was being laugh at for our decision and I still did not get my questions answered. Both of us felt put together and wished we would not have made this purchase with Sear Outlet and WhyNotLeaseit Program! STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY and it's PRACTICES. All I hear from others is that they experienced to same practices. MISREPRESENTATION. I understand that a class action lawsuit is in motion. We will be part of that action!!!

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  • Ri
    Ricanman Apr 10, 2019

    Stay Away from this Company and it's Practices!!!

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appliance financing/fraudulent misrepresentation

My husband and I went to the Sears Outlet in Dallas when our washer and dryer went out with cash in hand to purchase new appliances (After completing our due diligence and price matching at other stores all over the metroplex). When we arrived, we picked out the set that we wanted and went to the counter to purchase them as they were a couple hundred dollars cheaper there then anywhere else. We were told that we didn't have to pay cash that day and could finance the set with 0% interest with their new financing option. We figured why not? Less money out of our pocket immediately. The sales woman completed the paperwork and we paid more down than was required, all the while being told by the sales woman that this would reduce our payments, as a typical finance would work. Read that again... We paid MORE than the down payment required. We were never given a contract to sign when our transaction occurred, we were told to click a button on the computer/register to acknowledge what we had been told by the sales associate and then signed our receipt. We completed the transaction and were handed our receipt, which clearly states that our final payment date would be 1/7/2019. It is now past our final payment date and this company is still auto drafting our account over $400 a month. A little back story, I am a legal contracts administrator, I write and audit legal contracts for a living and have done so for over 15 years, so I am ALWAYS skeptical when entering into a contract or agreement and thoroughly read EVERY contract we sign. Not once did we ever receive a contract, we were told that the details were on our receipt (which again, CLEARLY states that our financing would complete 1/7/2019 and we would have paid off the appliances) I called this company to see why they are still drafting payments from our account and was informed that they are a leasing company, not a financing company. I advised that this is not what we were told when we purchased the appliances and not what the documentation I have in hand says, and that if this had been the case, we would have paid cash as we had originally intended. I advised that nowhere on our receipts or documentation that we received at the time of purchase does it state that this was a lease. The customer service rep (who barely spoke English and appeared to understand even less) continued to argue with me that we still owe the money and if we would like to purchase the appliances (to which we have already paid over $3000.00 dollars for) we would need to pay an additional $1500. I continued to argue that this is not what was agreed to as per the documentation that we signed and were given copies of and at the time of purchase we were told that we could pay off early or continue with our payments until the final payment 1/7/19 at which time we would have paid off the appliances. He continued to argue that it didn't matter what papers I had said or what I was told in the store, that we did not own the appliances and they would not only, not refund the additional payments that they have taken but would continue to auto draft our account for additional payments, but we could pay the buy-out or we could return the appliances in like new condition with normal wear and tear considered and terminate the lease for a fee. I explained that the appliances were bought in the ding and dent section already damaged as I didn't care about external scratches. I also advised that when they were delivered the delivery men didn't remove the shipping rod in the washer and even though it works well enough we would not be held responsible for any damages that were not caused by us. He argued with me. Needless to say, the conversation went nowhere. We will be contacting our bank to have the authorization for them to draft our account revoked and we are going to the Sears outlet that we purchased the appliance from with our documentation and speaking with someone there. I have already spoken to my attorney who has advised that we have a case in this matter, because it DOES matter what the documentation I have states and it does matter what we were told in the store by their sales associate in order to get us to enter into a "contract", and if this is not resolved by other means, with the returning of our money and a letter of proof of purchase without any additional monies being paid, per the terms WE agreed to at the time of purchase, we WILL be taking this matter to court. The representatives in their customer service and at the locations are not trained in clearly explaining the situation of how this works, or even worse, they are trained to intentionally mislead the customers into thinking this is a finance agreement when it is not, and are incentivized with commissions by signing people up. They intentionally mislead customers and take advantage of them by misrepresenting this option and leading them to believe that they are financing their purchase, when in fact they are simply leasing it. Reading through the other complaints on this board, this appears to be the norm and their modus operandi. There are enough complaints over the web to confirm this and the intentional act of misleading customers in order to garner a signature on a contract and additional profit in your pocket is seen as bad faith and would prove in court that it is just that. I also agree with so many others that have posted, that a class action suit would be a fantastic idea. A company cannot fleece the public without consequence. It is called Fraudulent Misrepresentation and between all of the customer complaints, in the hundreds, that can be found with a simple google search, I would bet enough documentation could be found and statements of facts could be made, to convince a court that the above statements are true. Shame on you Sears.
*** Do not sign anything with this company unless you are intentionally wanting to lease your new items and pay 7-8-9 times what they are worth, no matter what you are told in the store - This is a LEASE, not a Finance company and a disreputable one at that - If you are wanting to lease, locate another reputable company to handle your transaction***


This company must be sue for their fraud, they are suppose to send me check of 120 they never send, I was keeping track of it by calling every time, first they said it's on way, next they said I have cashed the check, but I never recieve, it so keep calling them after 2 weeks they said someone have cashed it, I ask them copy of the check, after so many call and hassel, the sebd me image, but I don't see any name sing on back of check, but they deny to pay, it look like they have cashed the check, or some kind of big scam is going on to make people fool, need to sue this company, plz anyone do. Plz help stop their scam in this country.

payment lease agreement

Before I contact the BBB. I thought I would try to find some resolution here. I bought some tools and a tool box for a total of 900 and some odd dollars. I've already paid well over 1100 dollars and when I spoke to a representative today he told me i would still have to pay over 500 dollars if i want to buy my tools. He then informed me it is not a rent to own lease. This is the first I heard about this. Your practices are shameful at best. This was not how the agreement was presented to me. I expected it to be paid in full after 20 or so payments. Your ads and web site are misleading. the large number of complaints filed are an indication you may be doing business without taking your integrity into account. I would like to pay off my lease and end our relationship with your company. however i would like you to come up with a buy out that is fair to both you and I please advise as to how you can help this very disgruntled customer.

  • Km
    Kmart 9459 Jan 17, 2019

    They already presented you with a buyout that is fair, given the contract you signed. Their prices maybe high, but the second you signed the contract the buyout amount became fair. It's simple mathematics and they don't hide it at all it's all public record. Payments are 9% every 2 weeks or 18% every 4 weeks at the end of 20 weeks you will have paid 90% of the original value. The buyout at the end of 20 weeks is 55% of the original value making the total amount paid after buyout to be 145% of the original value . After 20 weeks you can discontine the lease by turning over the items being leased and you will no longer be responsible for lease payments or you can continue the lease by making the lease payments at 9% every 2 weeks or 18% every 4 weeks and should you choose to buyout the lease later the buyout option will reduce by 1/2% every 2 weeks or 1% every 4 weeks. After having the lease for 148 weeks you buyout option will reduce to the same amount as you lease payments and you will actually own it at 756% of the original value. It's all public information though Why not Lease it actually present this information in spreadsheet form which its probably easier to understand in visual spreadsheet form then it is in written or verbal communication.

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washer and dryer

I purchased a washer and a dryer with my wife where the Sears in Bakersfield approved both of our credit line for up to $1800 for each of us, there for we were told that we would have to pay 20% of each product ahead which we paid and after completion of the total amount they took several thousand dollars out of my account. When we purchased the items we were told that the payments would stop after the completion of remaining balance, but it didnt. Upon my inquiry I called them about my complaint they said that we are renting the equipment not owning it and the thousands of extra dollars that were taken extra out of my account did not go towards the equipment.

  • Km
    Kmart 9459 Jan 17, 2019

    Well it does and it doesn't go towards the principal. Technical in a lease their is no such thing as principal since a lease is not meant to be bought out. However WhyNotLeaseIt provides the option of buying out the leased product at the end of the 20 week lease period at 55% of the original value at this point you could consider the 55% to be the outstanding principal for the product. But the term principal can not come into existence until after the 20 week lease period ends. After the 20 week lease period ends and you do not choose to either turn over the product or buyout the lease you can continue the lease but only 2.777...% of your bi-weekly payment or 5.555...% of your quad-weekly payment will be applied to the principal. Again technically it still can not be truly considered principal since you still have the option of turning in the lease product and have no further obligation to the leasing company. It's just like leasing an apartment except when leasing an apartment you will typically never have the option of buying the apartment.

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My husband bought me a stove for Christmas at Sear's Outlet on Colerain Ave in Cincinnati, Ohio. When we went to pick up the stove on 12/26/18 I looked at the dishwasher's. I ask...


I had no idea that I was basically renting my product, not rent to own just renting. Until I kept being charged for the product when I paid the cost of the product off, so I thought.
In order to own this 300$ piece of furniture I need to pay an additional 200$ on top of the 400+$ I have already paid.
No wonder Sears and Kmarts are shutting down all over. Why not lease it and store reps should make it clear that this is not a rent to own deal. You make it sound like credit but it isn't.
I am very disappointed!!!

intex pool

I thought when using this company I would be paying off the pool that I bought from Sears online; however, this company has been taking out the money from my account past the original amount of the pool. I now am spending over 300 dollars more than the pool was originally supposed to cost. This company is a scam and should not be allowed to operate the way that it does!


I am writing to tell you sears employees are scammers. They told me my fridge would be paid in full after paying 1600.00. They told me I only had 9 payments to make. Stupid me...

WhyNotLeaseIt/Flex Pay — kenmore electric stove

Buyer beware. Scam! I have been leasing this stove since June. It states on the contract I will have paid 410$ at the end of lease. Well after paying 745$ I had the option through...

unauthorized charges

12/4/2018 In the past week I have been charged by this company 9 times. This is the 4th month that they have done this. We have tried to resolve this, but all we get is excuse...


I purchased a 918.00 washer using the why not lease it from Sears. I was told after the 90 days I could purchase the washer. When I tried I was told I had to wait an additional 2 months to purchase. When I tried then, I was told I would have to pay 900 dollars to buy it out. Been fighting with them for months. I have in all paid 1500.00 to date, and now they're telling me in order to stop making payments, i have to buy it for an additional 500 dollars due at the time of buy out. This whynotlease it program is an absolute ripoff. If you do not pay off your item before the 90 days is up, you will end up making payments on it forever, until you return the item, or purchase it outright for almost 50 percent of the original purchase price even if you have already paid more then that.

unable to get an explanation

I applied for a lease thru these people but they are unable to or refuse to explain to me why they denied me, the only phone numbers have been automated recordings and an...


My husband and I leased a dining table from the sears why not lease it program.Are biweekly payments were set up through automated payments on our bank account.lately on our two last payments i realized that not only im i getting charged the monthly fee but an additional $10 and $5.Due to our concern we reached out to customer service and they said that we are getting charged those additional charges because when they have tried to withdraw the money there were insufficient funds in the account, that being said i visited my bank where i have proif that there was funds in the account .And the company has been trying to take my payments out a day before the due date!!! I spoke to Mark a superviser that couldnt even explain why the auto ated system was charging me a day before my due dates.He even insisted it was incorrect !
I would like for those 20 extra dollars that have been collected from my account to be refund back to me! Thats a rip off.Above i attached proff that my last payment was on 11/9 yet the company tried ro acces the funds on 11/8


leased washer

I was told at sears outlet store that if i paid all my lease payments it would automaticaly be paid for .Called tonight was told still have to pay 265 dollors on a 400 dollor...

lease details not explained and another lease never received merchandise they keep charging me for!

Back in Oct. I started 2 contracts with whynotlease .. I have 2 very BIG ISSUES!!! 1ST.. On the first lease the lady I spoke with told me that I would pay basically 6 months and...

tires leased

As I read these reviews I have to say-the same thing has happened to me. I was at sears in July 2018. I was told by rep I needed tires ASAP and he tells me about why not lease it...


I bought mattresses from the miracle mattress place in San Antonio Texas you know the one that made fun of the Twin Towers! Yes That one and I told the manger after getting the...


I leased a tv in 2014 from Kmart! The TV stopped working in 6 months. I took the tv back to Kmart and was told that I had to call the leasing company. I called the leasing company and they said I had to call the TV manufacturers. Call the manufacturer and they told me to ship the tv to them which cost me $50 just for shipping. They send the TV back broken and still not working. During all this time payments are still being taken out. Over time I'm thinking "hey this tv should be paid off by now" being that it was just a 22" tv. I call Whynotleaseit and was told I had to pay off the tv which was about $80. So at this point I have already paid over $200 for this tv and $50 to supposedly have it fixed. Long story short 4 years later this tv is still haunting me, since they decided to sell the "debt" to a collection agency May 2018, now owing $453 for a broken 22" tv! Avoid this company by all means necessary!!

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    Correction...the Tv was a 19”

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    Why was the TV still broken? Usually a manufacturer fixes or replaces the unit, unless it broke due to negligence. You could have avoided collections by turning the TV back in after the 5 month minimum term. At that point if it's broken that's WhyNotLeaseIt's problem. You did a lease not a layaway. You can not "pay off" a lease, you can only "buy out" a lease. Sounds like you chose to ignore responsibility, and allowed this to go into collections. No one's fault but your own if you didn't try to do anything to mitigate your loses. Personally I wouldn't do a lease nor layaway for that matter. Leases usually cost more then a credit card and you never own it unless you buy it out. Layaway you may only have an added $5 - $10 fee, but you don't get your items till after you already paid for it, why would you want to short your funds now, when you could just save up for it later since your not going to get the stuff till later anyways. Only one circumstances I see a lease making since under WhyNotLeaseIt's model. That is if you are only going to keep the item for 5 months anyways. After 5 months you only will have paid 90% of the original cost so if I say needed a chainsaw to cut up a fallen tree and was never going to need to chainsaw again. I would just keep it for 5 months making the 18 percent payments then tell Why not Lease it I don't need it anymore go ahead and take it.

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lease amount

I bought a riding lawnmower back in May, I passed my 90 days. I called to see what the buy out lease was and the last told me that I couldn't buy it out because I was passed my 90 days. So, then I asked how much was it to buu it at my 5months. She than said that it was 884.98. Never did she say it was going to be more that 1000.00. When I called yo buy it my lease on September 27 they told me it was 1262.00. I talked the the supervisor Mark and he told me that the buy out lease for September 28 was 884.00. So I dont now why they didn't just give me the total of 1262.00 in the first place, instead giving me the round a round. I am so frustrated because we work hard for our money and to be able to come up with extra it's pretty hard. When I called back Mark took that call and kept on repeating over and over the same thing but I feel like they didn't help me at all. People working there should let the customers know total amount plus the monthly payment. It just makes it more difficult for us. I wish that your team was more helpful and have an actual manager to help out when the supervisor just keep repeating the same things over and over and not taking the customer in consideration. Very disappointed customer. I will this twice before going through why not lease it again.


The first week of July I Purchased in fridge raider from Sears leased it, The fridge didn't work got a second bridge it didn't work cancel the lease on July 13 on August 13 call...