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WhyNotLeaseIt Complaints & Reviews

Why Not Lease It / everything. just everything they do.

Aug 28, 2018

Seriously, don't get into bed with this company. If you haven't read anywhere yet, the lease will continue on for the rest of your sad and sorry life, unless you choose a buy-out program. They offer 30/60/90 day early purchase options, each more expensive than the first (which makes sense). If...

WhyNotLeaseIt / charged multiple times

Aug 24, 2018

My boyfriend is currently paying off his whynotleaseit account he was charged 3 bills today alone! This is putting us behind on other bills. If you absolutely need something do not go here this isn't the first time this has happened this month alone! Everytime it happens we're...

Why Not Lease It / lease program

Aug 14, 2018

This company is absolutely unethical, immoral, unprofessional. There are not enough words in the English dictionary to describe the absolute nightmare we have faced with them. Leased a tractor at the end of June. Were told our monthly payment would be $174.44, and that it would begin on...

Why Not Lease It / scam!

Aug 04, 2018

My husband and I purchased two items at Kmart and we where given the option to have 1, 000 in credit. We purchased two items that where 160 and one for 199. Kmart told use that the payments would come out every month and at the end of the five months we would be paid off. Right away...

WhyNotLeaseIt / Returned a pool to kmart

Aug 03, 2018

These folks are scammers!! beware! i purchased a pool that had a hole in the liner so i returned the pool maybe 5days after to kmart and i thought everything was fine. Kmart contacted whynotlease it while i was there to let them know and to provide them with a return receipt number and i...

WhyNotLeaseIt / washer and dryer

Jul 31, 2018

This is the worst thing I have done in my life. Leasing a Washer and Dryer from WhyNotLease It. Customer no service!! I called today to ask to move my payment to another day, and they said I couldnt do that, and that I had another payment on the 3rd and on the 17th, which would be my last...

WhyNotLeaseIt / washer and dryer

Jul 30, 2018

I went into and decided to purchase a washer and dryer through the leasing program. I went to checkout and the site took me to why not lease it. I filled everyout and was Approved. Made the first required payment. Then it was supposed to direct me back to and it never...

WhyNotLeaseIt / lease dishwasher

Jul 20, 2018

I set up payments on a dishwasher 8 months ago and was told it would be 5 payments. I needed the dishwasher because I had bought my house and the dishwasher it had in it was no good. I couldn't get approved for a sears card, but they said I was approved for 1500$ in a payment plan. I wa...

Why Not Lease It / couch two piece damaged / bought from sears and had why not lease it financed it.

Jul 17, 2018

Got the couch from Sesrs it was a defect under warranty they kept sending me parts to have tech fix the Couch but the parts to fix the couch send was always damage this went on for a year the finally the came with the wrong said of the couch I was so fed up i told them to come get the...

WhyNotLeaseIt / sears electric dryer

Jul 16, 2018

I purchased a dryer from Sears on 4/14/18 returned it on 5/14/18 for a refund because dryer was not working properly. Purchased dryer using Whynotleaseit. The website states refunds are processed within 7-10 business days. 2 months later i'm still waiting on a refund and am still paying...

Why Not Lease It / leasing program - sears why not lease it

Jul 08, 2018

Why Not Lease ItI have read the complaints on this site and wish I had seen them before I made the HUGE mistake of leasing from Sears with Why Not Lease It. Our purchase was in April 2018 - One part of our purchase was returned using Sears website as advised by Sears. It is now July and we are still...

WhyNotLeaseIt / tools

Jul 01, 2018

[protected] Lease # MO-4971-G9KWJWP-[protected] So today my lease expired which was great news, so I thought. When I went into Sears in Springfield, Mo, the associate talked me into a lease with Why Not Lease It. I had the cash to pay for tools my husband needed. At first I was a little...

WhyNotLeaseIt / unethical behavior

Jun 23, 2018

Sears rep talks me into this lease program telling me its a loan. IT IS NOT A LOAN! Lease means lease. . .even if the stupid rep says otherwise. But that is not the worst of it. So I have noticed that my payments do not count, that they will charge me 41 dollars forever, and I am merely...

WhyNotLeaseIt / sears holdings

Jun 08, 2018

Barbara and Catherine Watkins 13 Pine Point Road Brandenburg, KY 40108 RE: Ticket # [protected] I am writing regarding a case of fraud, which occurred within Sears purchasing with WhyNotLeaseIt credit on Wednesday, June 6, 2018. I had taken my mother, Barbara, into Sears store at the...

WhyNotLeaseIt / miscommunication

May 20, 2018

We went to Sears to purchase exercise equipment. We purchased an elliptical and treadmill on the "lease to own" program (as quoted by the salesperson). They, we found out, were not trained to convey the actual payments we will make "after" the 5 month rental agreement, which we found out...

WhyNotLeaseIt / kenmore washing machine

May 18, 2018

I went to Sears Outlet in Morrow to purchase a washing machine, but after looking at the prices the sales rep indicated of a great sales program called "why Not Lease IT". It was explained as a lease to own with minimal down payment and if you do not want it anymore you can return it. Well...

WhyNotLeaseIt and Kmart / 65 inch television

May 04, 2018

I went to my neighborhood k mart and purchased this television. I put about $216 on this tv and they have been dipping into my account for months. I called the representative was very rude. They basically are telling me I have to pay over $2000 for this television!!! I was told that after...

WhyNotLeaseIt / return of portable washing machine

May 04, 2018

I have beem trying for 2 months to return a Kenmore portable washing machine that i purchased from a Sears outlet in November of 2017.Customer Service told me i had to pay 2 extra installments in advance in order for them to pick it up as i had not yet reached my 1/2 way point. After...

Why Not Lease It / proscan tv

Apr 23, 2018

Whatever you do please don't use this company.. it is a scam and they are full of crap! I payed A tv in full mind you it only worked a few weeks... I called them and told them they wouldn't even switch it out or nothing but then going to lie and say i didn't pay the tv when I have all my...

WhyNotLeaseIt / brakes rotors calipers

Mar 24, 2018

I took my 1998 Audi a six which has 79, 000 miles on it into Sears to get tires they recommended brakes calipers rotors I told him to order the parts they told me about a leasing program that I was more than likely to be approved for I was approved I use the credit towards getting the...

WhyNotLeaseIt / sears whynotleaseit program

Mar 07, 2018

Last spring I did my second lease on a new riding lawn mower. Being that the first lease I had went very good & no issues I decided to do it for the lawn mower. I set everything up just as I did the first time through my bank account using my debit card. Well as of today 03/07/18 I called...

WhyNotLeaseIt / it is an illegal scam!

Feb 22, 2018

I visited my local sears appliance store in october 2017 after my refrigerator broke down. I have 3 children and caring for a mother with severe dimentia. Money is tight to say the least. It was columbus day weekend and to my pleasure there was a big sale going on. I proudly puchases a...

WhyNotLeaseIt / refrigerator

Feb 15, 2018

I got the lease in 6/24/2014 for a refrigerator, they took out so much money and than sued me after paying them tons of money. Rip off rip off so far I have paid close to $4, 000 for a $900.00 refrigerator. This company should be locked up. Whynotleaseit was from a Sears store, stay away...

[Resolved] WhyNotLeaseIt / kenmore air conditioner

Jan 20, 2018

We went to Sears Hometown to buy a Kenmore air conditioner for $299.99, we have been paying $50/month since June so our last payment should have been in November to pay it off in full. It is now January and they are still pulling money from our bank account. We called customer service and...

[Resolved] WhyNotLeaseIt / can whynotleaseit even be legal?

Jan 18, 2018

I have NEVER felt like I have been so ripped off in my life! This $349.00 TV after all the payments will cost me over $1, 100.00. The Kmart employee didn't mention any of this, AND try to deal with Why Not Lease customer service.. Unless you want to get seriously rectally screwed I would...

Why Not Lease It / frigidaire freezer

Jan 02, 2018

I purchased a deep freezer from Sears outlet store and I was trying to build up some credit so the cashier told me about wnli and stated it would be my credit it was an outside company and that I would make payments directly to this company and after making four consecutive payments it...

WhyNotLeaseIt / I had my truck broke down at the mall while doing christmas shopping for my kids. I do really need help on fixing my truck.

Dec 23, 2017

This is a family truck that does everything.My family can't live without him.Work, hospital appointment, groceries, and off course broke down on a Christmas shopping day.Two days away from Christmas.The drive shaft was down on the ground, and it needs $1, 000.00 and up to repair it.I need...

WhyNotLeaseIt / took my children's christmas and birthday money after I paid my balance in full

Dec 23, 2017

I'm a single working mom of two and in May of 2017 I signed my life away leasing 4 appliances for my home. That I could not afford to buy out sept I was told to call why not lease it when my last payment came out in October. I called and made an agreement to make three payments of...

[Resolved] WhyNotLeaseIt / leased a tv

Dec 16, 2017

We leased a $500.00 tv from kmart through these clowns, put down $100.00, and it's been over a year we pay 100.00 each month and this "$500.00" tv should have been paid off. So we finally called them and they told us we had to pay over $400.00 to buy it out right when the damn thing isn't...

[Resolved] WhyNotLeaseIt / nordictrack treadmill

Dec 08, 2017

Back in July I was offer to lease this treadmill. My balances was 650.00. I was told 6 payments would come from my account. So I received an email about my next payment coming out in December and I thought that's not right. So when I called the csr explained that if I wanted to keep the...

[Resolved] WhyNotLeaseIt / leasing program scam

Dec 06, 2017

The associate at Sears flat out lied to me!!! I made all my payments on time and thought I was finished ... they continue to charge me the bi-weekly rate and are saying that my payments (now that it's past 90 days) are NO LONGER going towards my balance... and that I have pay the buy out...

[Resolved] WhyNotLeaseIt / lawn furniture

Dec 06, 2017

WhyNotLeaseItOn sale at Kmart, I was under the impression to put it on there credit card at Kmart and buy it. What they didn't tell me was, After I finished paying for it. that why not lease it (the credit card) would charge me another $200. This means I paid for the item double. I paid $347.74 for the...

[Resolved] WhyNotLeaseIt / pay off balance

Dec 02, 2017

I had leased a washer through them and was unclear how it worked. I was stupid and overpaid greatly. Next time I paid off within 90 days. Don't use them if can't pay off. Last purchase was refrigerator. Paid half down and only few hundred left on balance. Final payment was $135 and I asked...

[Resolved] Why Not Lease It / washer

Nov 29, 2017

I had worked with this company a couple years back when I got a bed from sears. I loved it yes you pay a little over the price but it wasn't by a lot. When the lease agreement was at the last payment they contacted me out and advise on my two options either to stay leasing or buy out. Of...

[Resolved] WhyNotLeaseIt / we leased a refrigerator and microwave

Nov 28, 2017

We went to the sears outlet to buy a microwave. It was marked down because it was a scratch and dent model. We told the guy we were looking to buy new appliances. He got us approved for the lease and explained that it was "6 months same as cash". They had a great deal or so we thought on a...

[Resolved] WhyNotLeaseIt / unfair

Nov 28, 2017

Don't believe them if they say they take no fees and you can easily use them without paying anything at first. It's just a trap. Don't fall for their fake words and promises. When I decided to stop using their service they demanded me to pay the fee which was extremely high. You know...

WhyNotLeaseIt / what a rip off/ buyers beware and read fine print

Nov 22, 2017

Purchased a used refrigerator from sears recently and was led to believe that if i made 6 payments of 248 the refrigerator would be paid off. Around the 5th month i get a email stating to either pay a buyout amount or continue leasing at the current amount ? Than it hit me i just been had...

[Resolved] WhyNotLeaseIt / unauthorized credit card charges and unethical behaviour

Nov 21, 2017

Omg!!! I am so glad I googled this company to support my claim. I leased a couple of items, paid them as agreed upon per my lease agreement got my owner's certificates on both of those leases with no problems or incidents at all. I started my third lease on a flat screen tv, paid per the...

[Resolved] WhyNotLeaseIt / washer/dryer

Nov 10, 2017

I didn't have good credit did the why not lease it through sears told I would own the product by sept the total was 1008.00 I have paid 1533.00 they took it out of my account after September which paper said was last payment, I just filed a dispute with my bank to get October and November...

[Resolved] WhyNotLeaseIt / air conditioner

Nov 02, 2017

My mother leased an air conditioner from Kmart, back in June. The lease agreement says that the five months was up AFTER October's payment. Her bank statements from July through September never had any of these monthly payments, which were supposed to be taken out automatically, on them!...