WhyNotLeaseItlease details not explained and another lease never received merchandise they keep charging me for!

C Nov 09, 2018
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Back in Oct. I started 2 contracts with whynotlease .. I have 2 very BIG ISSUES!!! 1ST.. On the first lease the lady I spoke with told me that I would pay basically 6 months and would own it in 6 months.. NO STRINGS attached, no additional finance charges etc. I wasn't supplied with paper work and signed everything on a black sign pad without anything else being explained to me other than how much would come out of my account each week and that it would be paid off in 6 months in full.. This however is not the FACT.. the FACT is you pay multiple payments on a minimum required lease, the after that time frame you are required to either continue to Lease it, Pay the CASH PRICE in full right then ( which I would have just done instead of this damn lease!), or RETURN the merchandise as if you didn't just hand the a ton of MONEY thinking you was done and YAY NOW I OWN IT.. well you don't, they LIED and your was frauded...


2nd contract I did online set up pick up dates and/or deliveries.. said I would be contacted when the items where ready to be picked up and NO ONE EVER CALLED/EMAILED/TEXT ME.. So I call whynotlease it and ask what is going on they tell me they aren't quite sure they are just the company that takes OUR money (highway robbery), and for me to call kmart and ask what's going on with the lease.. so I then call Kmart and they say that whynotlease it never sent them the paper work and therefore the order was never truly placed.. said that they will cancel out the contract and for me to do it again.. I explained that if I was to do it again it will charge me again they said "that's fine" as if its their money.. I now realize I'm talking to a bunch of money hungry idiots.. I said just to cancel the contract and we would not be creating another one and to issues a refund on ALL payments they took from me.. the stated the contract was closed and the money would be refunded. Now it's been another wk and another pmt has came out of my account AGAIN.. so obviously nothing they said the was going to do they did. I call whynotlease it and the act is if they have no notes in the system and I start all over again insisting the give me my money back NOW.. he states he will send in a request for refund form and this would take a few days for them to reach their decision and someone would contact me about the requested refund.. WHAT DO YOU MEAN WHEN THEY REACH THEIR DECISION?? I PAID A DEPOSIT FOR MERCHANDISE I NEVER GOT aswell as y'all continuing to take money out of my account.. you can't provide the merchandise there for the contract is VOID now refund my money.. he again says "like I said I put in a request"..

This is unvelieveable... and so fraudulent and I'm so beyond stressed because of this company.. all I wanted was for what the said i would be getting and paying for and to make my payments and go about my life.. BUT I get SCAMMED... I want someone to contact me on what to do... I'm ready to file a lawsuit!!!

People BEWARE!!! I needed resolution and never got it..

Amanda Cornell-Shows Shows.[protected]@gmail.com or [protected]@gmail.com

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