WestJet Airlinesflight experience / delays / no compensation

A Aug 13, 2018

I recently flew WestJet from Toronto to LA. (August 3rd, 2018 - flight WS1100). On the flight there, one of the washrooms was not working. I spent 25 minutes in line in the aisle waiting to use one of the other functioning washrooms. We had to make an emergency landing in Albuquerque, NM due to smoke in the cockpit. I am grateful that the pilots handled the situation professionally and we landed without incident. Spent close to 7 hours there waiting for another plane to be sent and then when it arrived, spent an hour on tarmac waiting for some mechanical issues to be worked out. Flight attendant was very unprofessional, telling passenger in front of me who was inquiring about when we would be leaving, to basically stop complaining as he was "lucky to be alive"! Later, she told all passengers over the PA system that if there was anything wrong with the plane, that the crew would be the first ones off. Realizing how that sounded she said they would let the passengers off first of course. I am a nervous flyer to begin with, and hearing that from a flight attendant is not very reassuring.

Our WestJet flight home from LA (Aug. 10, 2018 - flight WS1101), was delayed more than an hour. My friend did not make her connecting flight. She was told she would be on the 4:35pm flight the next day (19 hours later!!). She was not offered any compensation or a hotel room for the night in spite of her complaints. So...let me get this straight. She missed her connecting flight (also WestJet), due to the delay caused by WestJet and yet she has to fork out money for a hotel room and wait another 19 hours to get home?? That's just mean. Myself and other friends ran to our connecting flight almost missing it as well.

Overall, my experience with WestJet was not a good one. Am I looking for compensation? Probably not. I will be avoiding this airline for all future trips, but wanted my complaint heard, as I'm sure my experience was similar to other people's. It's just that many others don't bother putting their complaint in writing.

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